How to withdraw money from online casinos

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, being a perfect substitution to physical casinos. With the development of modern technologies, it is quite predictable. Online casinos are available through mobile phones, tablet and home computers. Gambling has become a preferred leisure to millions of people on the planet – people of any nationality, age, and interests mark dozens of advantages of online casinos. First of all, it’s easiness and convenience, thanks to which gambling has become very easy and accessible. There are dozens of devices through which you can log in and start the game instantly. Do it any time, anywhere, without leaving your own room.

Free games and bonuses

– these are proposed by the major online casinos – you can try your luck with no slightest financial inputs. Try out the system, see how it works, think of some strategies and algorithms before starting a real game playing for real money!

Bonuses are some special rewards provided by online casinos to their good customers. These may be any kinds of special points, coefficients, and other tricks to help you win more.

Did you know?

The first slot machine was designed more than 100 years back by a mechanic who thought of developing some entertainment for his clients waiting for their turn for the service.

However, online casinos bring a lot of confusions as well. In a real casino the task of a gambler is to exchange the chips for money at the cash board. Online casinos use a different system, however, it the procedure is not complicated. Usually you can withdraw money through the same method, which you used betting. Among the weird things, some casinos ask not only for scans of your passport, but also for extracts on balance of your credit card or a copy of receipt for paying the municipal service. These rules are weird, but required according to the legislation of certain countries.


Always chose online casinos, which operate on licensed programming – in most cases it will keep your funds safe, because licensed product use trustworthy algorithms and are protected from viruses. Protect your funds and computer by playing in checked reliable casinos!

How to withdraw money with a credit card

One should remember that not all credit cards are good for withdrawing funds. For example, Visa card works fine, and MasterCard is usually impossible to use for these purposes. The rest is easy – make scans of your documents – these have to be checked by the support team, and once everything is fine, you can request for money withdrawal through the corresponding function in an online casino. Remember that different casinos have different payout thresholds, which are usually from $5 or $10. Your request might be on ‘pending’ mode for a while, so do not panic – withdrawing funds may take some time.

Using electronic payment systems

There is a number of electronic payment systems, which are used by online casinos. These include PayPal, Webmoney, Skrill, YandexMoney, etc. You just have to select the corresponding option in ‘Withdrawals’ and to enter a number of your e-wallet. Remember to provide all the required documents and certificates if they were asked for. It is worth remembering, that some casios make instant payouts, while the other can take a few days to carry the transaction out.

Using cheques and bank transactions

One must select a ‘cheque’ option in withdrawals section, and the bank will send a check to the address mentioned during the registration with a name of gambler on it. Once the check is received, it must be proceeded to the bank for a checkup, after which the sum in the check will be transferred to your bank account or paid out in cash.  This is one of the longest ways for money withdrawal, however, in some countries, like the UK, it is the only legitimate way to withdraw money from online casino.

These are the most widely used methods of money withdrawal. Some providers may propose other alternative method, based on the number of users and local legislation.

As you see, getting your payouts is much easier than the procedures you face with in a daily life!

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