Worrying Casino News from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ontario

There have recently been several issues that should definitely concern people who love to treat themselves with a visit to a local racetrack to make a bet. While online casinos continue to strive and develop as a huge international business that seemingly can avoid strict limitations of hostile governments, land-based enterprises feel an immense pressure and have to deal with multiple consecutive problems. Whether it is about new emerging monopolies or stricter betting laws, the entertainment industry gives up more and more ground with each year.

Pennsylvania’s love

Worrying Casino News from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ontario

One of the most interesting legislative documents was recently signed by the governor who made it clear that the state wants to support specific businesses and values some investments more than others. One of the biggest casino operators in the country Penn National Gaming is now trying to prepare a lawsuit to make the officials reconsider their position.

The cornerstone of the conflict is that the new legislation is supposed to create a healthier environment for all businesses interested in participating in the massive Mount Airy project – a large scale complex with possible expansion for up to 10 facilities and lots of open land for sale and long term rent. The problem is that only a handful of enterprises are allowed to operate in the region under conditions specified by the government and the industry does not like it. The Mount Airy project is a huge opportunity for everyone and limiting the amount of possible participants to a couple of names is what many other businessmen could call a sucker punch.

Note that many consider Pennsylvania a region with really impressive prospects. The vast land and a lot of options to build a highly functioning infrastructure around make it a very profitable region in theory.

The weird Connecticut stand-off

Another particular pickle is developing in the Nutmeg State where East Windsor Casino became a center of a huge controversy and a conflict between several interested parties. The facility is built on lands that belong to local tribes of Mashantucket and Mohegan Sun. The thing is that some facilities may be in such a geographical and legal position that tribes could simply not share their revenues. Note that they must share and give to the state up to 25% of generated revenue. With the cumulative revenue from slots being close to $260 million in 2016, the desire of the government to keep this juicy inflow of funds alive is more than understandable.

The situation attracted a lot of attention and parties had to involve the Bureau of Indian Affairs to sort out the issue and find a compromise in this tricky stand-off. The soon-to-be-operational MGM Springfield may also significantly cut down the income that state generates from residing gambling facilities.

Problems in both states demonstrate that businesses are interested in fighting back and resist the pressure from the government, but the amount of limitations keeps growing and the compromise is yet to be found.

Ontario and horseracing

Worrying Casino News from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ontario

Canadians love to visit local racetracks and spend their time and money on cheering for their beloved horses. However, this national entertainment may soon suffer from several conflicts between bookies and the government. The thing is gambling is what it is and horseracing is not that far away from your favorite slot game. In fact, the latte is more convenient and interesting to the vast majority of modern people.

Thousands of families and businesses rely on horses which generate their income and allow for a whole industry to prosper. This may soon change as one of the biggest casino operators is about to start building a huge facility in Ontario threatening to bully local racetracks out of business. Some think that both a casino and horse racings could co-exist in a mutually beneficial environment, but the “evil” corporation does not want to lose an inch.

Note that this is quite bad for the image of the industry and may threaten the overall balance between the international community and gambling in general.

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