10 Thoughts you should never have when playing in an online casino

If you want to test your luck against insurmountable odds and truly experience the real thrill of a game of chance that may turn you into a millionaire overnight, you just have to keep your mind clear. When you don’t have negative thoughts and know how to think clearly, you are a much more controllable person meaning that you will have much better chances at winning in an online casino and enjoy a hefty well deserved prize! Let’s go through our list of 10 thoughts that you should never have in your head during a gambling session.

1. I Must Never Stop Until I Win.

This is one of the worst mentalities to have when engaging in any kind of gambling activities. Knowing your limits and never overstaying your welcome – this are principles that the best of the best follow religiously. Without total control over your desires, you will not be able to think clearly about chances and probabilities meaning that you will start losing at some point and still won’t be able to stop to just reset and actually start a winning streak.

2. I Must Bet Everything I Have!

Never go for all-in type of plays and remember that the reward must match the risk. If you are okay with spending all your deposit on trying to hit the jackpot of your life, by all means go for it. However, you must understand that there is a difference between risking a little for a more reliable profit. Never bet everything. Spend bonuses and free stuff first and then carefully start spending your real money if you want to.

3. I Can Outsmart the Dealer.

If you are not a professional gambler yourself and do not have outstanding mathematical abilities at your disposal, don’t try to be an all-mighty all-knowing genius. Being overly cocky is exactly what will make you fail miserably. Be humble, go for calculated bets, and never try to think that you are smarter than everyone else. Such thinking will cloud your mind.

4. Casino Is Trying to Scam Me.

If you think that slot machines are rigged and that every live dealer wants specifically you to lose money, why do you even play? Modern gambling platforms are completely transparent companies with all chances, odds, and payback rates publicly declared by developers or administration. Usually, slots return somewhere between 90% and 97.5% back to players meaning that you will win eventually if you are careful enough, but it is still up to chance.

5. If I Lose Now I Must Keep Playing Until I Win.

This is a completely wrong approach and it is similar to the fallacy of the Martingale system. People believe that black of roulette cannot be the winning color 10 times in a row. However, it can be black 100 times in a row. It is RANDOM! Do not try to tilt yourself further if you lose. Trying to win back what is lost will force rash decisions and bigger bets.

6. I Must Download that Hacking Program from E-mail.

Some people believe those weird scam letters that offer you to download a special hacking program that will allow you to breach cyber defenses of multimillion dollar businesses for free and enjoy your free money. Never use such offers. The only thing that you will get for free is infestation of your PC with Trojans.

7. Different Slot Machines Reward Differently.

All online casino games are tuned to give you roughly the same amount of money back over a long period of time. Obviously, due to randomness, there will be some deviations from time to time and thus some players lose everything while others win huge jackpots. You should choose games based on how you feel about them and how you like them. In the vast majority of cases, you will have equal chances to win in the long run regardless of which slot you choose.

8. I Should Start with a Small Sum of Money.

One of the biggest mistakes that a newbie can make is to start with a tiny deposit. $10 or $50 won’t get you anywhere. You will have nearly no safe buffer to play and every bet will look like the last one. Instead, make a bigger commitment and use bigger bonuses. You will have more chances to come back if you on a losing streak.

9. It Doesn’t Matter where to Register.

While some people think that all casinos feature the same set of features and showcase similar entertainments, there are massive differences between brands in the market. Some enterprises offer better bonuses. Some give you a catalogue of games with 800 items. There are places that will accept bitcoins. Your choice does matter.

10. I Don’t Enjoy Playing.

If you have created a deposit and started gambling, don’t be negative right away. Use smaller bets and enjoy small prizes. Give it a chance before turning away.

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