15 Dark secrets online casinos do not want you to know 

It is no secret that all online casinos have their secrets. Any for profit corporation is essentially a structure organized in a way that allows for efficient “extraction” of money from your pockets. There are different small tricks that all modern companies try to utilize to maximum potential in order to help you to say goodbye to your hard earned cash. Knowing such tricks is a good way to prevent overspending on entertainments. Be a responsible gambler by studying these 15 secrets.

#1. Winning Is Addictive.

Anything that makes us feel better basically forces a solid burst of dopamine in your brain making it remember what makes it feel better. This is why modern slot games are designed in a way that rewards you every single time you hit that spin button. Sometimes, you will enjoy a colorful animation. In many scenarios, you will receive a tiny compensation that will make your loss less bitter. All these tricks are created to make you win more often to make it addictive.

#2. All Games Are Virtually the Same.

While some praise the variety provided by developers, all slots are based on such similar engines that they are essentially same games but in different wrapping each time. Cowboys with guns and Egyptian mummies do not have anything in common thematically, but mechanically they are just as close to each other as brothers and sisters!

#3. Many Brands Belong to the Same Company.

Hundreds of seemingly different names in the market are often parts of a single enterprise that controls multiple websites. You will notice distinct common traits of such companies that usually have deals with same developers and have similar website architectures and structures. Often, you don’t really choose a different place to gamble!

#4. Odds Differ.

A website may promote its product saying that the site wide payback rate is 95%. However, they will be lying as every single slot has its own rate of paying back to players. Usually, the number varies from 89% to 98% depending on various nuances. So be careful and don’t believe everything.

#5. Game Results Can Be Changed.

Every single company out there has a right to revert the results of recent games if their databases have been compromised, a security breach was found or they suspect you of cheating. In such cases, the company may freeze your funds and even completely negate your recent winnings. A scummy thing to do but it happens.

#6. Dark Colors Make You Less Attentive to Time.

As you noticed most companies use a lot of dark/gold colors in their designs. This is done to mimic the psychological effect of Las Vegas halls without windows and clocks. A darkish tone will make you concentrate on the mechanics of the game instead of looking to other bright parts of the website and forget about how much time you spend playing.

#7. Lots of Animations Are for Distraction.

When you lose money, you feel bad and understandably so. It is never a good feeling to part ways with your hard earned dollar. However, the bitterness of this breakup can be sweetened up by a bunch of colorful animations and shiny decorations. They will make you feel like a winner even when you lose.

#8. Sound Design Is Also to Keep You Emerged.

The vast majority of popular slot games in online casinos have a soundtrack that is very calm and yet rhythmic allowing you to slowly get in the groove and continue playing even when you should stop or must go. Other games just try to make music punchy and rely on strong beats to keep your mood up and force you to keep going hyping you up.

#9. Promos Are the First Thing You See.

Even when the company has a diverse set of services to offer and a wild abundance of different entertainments to satisfy even the most satiated gambler, the first thing that you will notice is that there is a promotion that is happening right now. They will make it seem like a one-time deal, but in reality you will always get your bonus. Don’t rush things.

#10. Free Stuff Just Lure You in.

Many irresponsible gamblers sadly do not know when to stop. This is a skill that separates good successful players from those who lose their deposits within hours after registering in a new place. Free stuff will slowly lure you in and will create a false sense of security that you are spending only free money. However, you won’t notice how you switched from using gifted cash to using your own!

#11. High Rollers Receive Special Treatment.

All well spending players get their VIP statuses and receive all sorts of privileges that are just unobtainable for a regular Joe. However, the company just wants to make those thrill loving lads to spend enormous sums slowly. They will offer huge benefits to keep them in house.

#12. The Bombardment by Games.

While having over 400 games in catalogue is nice, the real thing is that it makes you feel that there is an endless well of fun there. As mentioned previously, many games do look and feel the same despite having different topics. 1000 different items in the catalogue will unlikely make you experience that diverse.

#13. Super Fancy Means Lesser Payouts.

Older games with less impressive designs and somewhat outdated graphics often offer much better rewards to players. Modern games try to compensate for the lack of actual winnings by offering over-the-top animations and special effects. Many gambling games with real money involved often have the most obnoxious celebratory animations out there.

#14. The Variety Is Dangerous.

All those casual games and puzzles featured on websites may look fresh and interesting but they often have really low payouts and will quickly burn down your deposit. It is not recommended to play untested new inventions of the industry as they will be designed to guarantee that the design does not make the house lose money.

#15. They Are Not Your Friends!

Despite friendly advertisements and great little gifts that you receive from time to time, the reality is that the company wants you to spend money and will not give away free stuff without an “evil” intent. Be careful when taking the bait.

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