18 Things You Should Never Say Aloud When Gambling

There are millions of ways to get rid of your luck and you should definitely avoid using some of jinxes while testing your luck in online casinos. Do not believe in superstitious legends and jinxes, but don’t use them intentionally either. This is a very simple rule that will most certainly make everything way less scarier. Here is our long list of things that you must not talk about when engaging in games of chance.

#1. Today I’m Going to Win

This is one of the worst things to say before you start spinning those wheels. The thing is it is bad for two reasons. Firstly, you will jinx yourself undoubtedly. Secondly, the directive of winning against all odds is something that you should avoid to prevent overspending.

#2. Today I’m Going to Lose

Quite obvious, isn’t it? If you don’t want to set unrealistic goals and standards out of your control, setting them below all imaginable limits is also not the best of ideas. We highly recommend you avoiding such absolutes and stick to something in-between.

#3. Everything Is According to Plan

Getting overexcited is also a dangerous idea. While cursing your own luck is a problem for those who believe in supernatural, overextending due to believing that you are in full control of your game is not the best strategy. If you think that the current streak of lucky strikes is a result of your specific planning, you need to rethink your approach to gambling in general.

#4. One More Spin…

Continuing to play endlessly despite making a promise to yourself to stop is quite bad and will more often than not result in losing your money. If you don’t want to hurt nerves and burn a whole in pockets, don’t overstay your welcome and quit when your schedule or previous plans are telling you to.

#5. Pikachu, I Choose You!

No. Don’t behave like this. We are all adults here and do not want our childhood fantasies to interfere with serious entertainments. While a touch of childish humor is never a negative, lightening the mood should not be overly relaxing. You will easily lose the grip on reality due to fooling around too much.

#6. This Slot Is Better Than That One!

In the vast majority of scenarios, your perception will be skewed by the fallacy of the survivor. All slto games are roughly the same. If you want to switch to another game, do it for better design or a more interesting setting. Your chances to become a happy winner are just as good as in the current game.

#7. I Must Deposit More Money, I’m So Close to Winning!

This is definitely not you talking. Remember that your financial decisions must be weighted and contemplated a lot before becoming a reality. Do not just waste money or overspend. Think of other important things that you need your cash for. There will be more suitable moments to make a new deposit later.

#8. The Next Bet Must Be Bigger to Make Up for the Loss

This is one of the worst ideas that can come to the mind of a gambler. Increasing your bets exponentially is the only thing that will burn straight through your virtual account. Stick to your plan and choose the right wager for each situation.

#9. I Must Always End with a Win

Nope, you need to stop when it is time to take a break. Making rushed decisions when tilted is a really bad habit that you should never develop. Hunting for the win is an addiction and it will force you to play endlessly until losing every single dime. Be happy about small wins and don’t try to make up for small losses.

#10. Jackpot, Here I Come!

Do you know that feeling that the game seems to know about your intentions to increase the wager and starts hitting you with one unlucky result after another? That’s due to your expectations. Don’t set them too high. There are no reasons to expect a better outcome just because you decided to make a bigger bet.

#11. Tonight I’m Changing my Life

Some people love to make such bold calls and hype themselves up before they start playing. Is it a good idea? If you want to quickly destroy your deposit, it is. Otherwise, you must be less agitated. Again, having unrealistic goals will make you make more mistakes.

#12. You Piece of #$@! Slot, I #@!$ing Hate You

Don’t do it. First of all, you don’t need to be nervous. Secondly, computers have feelings too.

#13. This Casino Is Rigged

Don’t make bold claims without proof. The vast majority of regulated companies out there are honest businesses and will not try to scam you. Just be careful and don’t overextend in order to avoid huge losses. Use basic guidelines and develop a strategy and stick to it.

#14. I’m a Loser and I Can’t Win

Lowering your own self-confidence and weaving obstacles out of thin air will not help in any way. While you cannot affect the winrate by being optimistic, the amount of stress and consequently bad rushed decisions will be significantly reduced by avoiding negative thinking.

#15. I’m Gambling to Make a Fortune

Repeating this like a mantra is undeniably a bad idea from all angles. Remember that an online casino is a not a place of work but a recreational entertainment. Winning is just a pleasurable side effect. If you get lucky and win a million, good for you. However, you must remember that thrills of gambling are for fun only.

#16. I Think I Cracked the Code

Some players tend to believe that there are certain patterns behind the results shown on screens of their favorite games. The absolute majority of modern games is based on advanced random number generators meaning that all outcomes are absolutely random. There is no system to be cracked in the first place.

#17. Let’s Wait Until Other Players Lose

If you think that your winrate is hard tied to how much people lose collectively, you are only partially right. Your own chances to win are separated from the probability of winning due to the overflow of cash. Play as you like and follow your own strategy without constantly checking timers.

#18. Pirates Are Better than Vikings

This is actually a good thing to say. We want to wrap up the list with something that you must be saying quite often. Choosing the game based on what you like is exactly what a person enjoying gambling should do. If you are in an online casino, pick a game with a setting that will entertain you and have fun!

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