How to choose that one casino to play at

If you are an experienced gambler, then you’ve definitely heard of online casino bonuses. Heck, you most definitely have used them for quite a bit of free gambling and maybe you’ve even tried to live a fun and luxurious life of a bonus hunter yourself. But what I’m about to tell you rarely occurs to those casino players who are getting bent out of shape trying to find a quick way to earn some cash on slots or at least to gamble as much as possible with no loss. Choosing one casino and remaining faithful to it is usually much more profitable for the player than switching establishments around and playing everywhere at once. Yep, gambling at one casino every single time financially can be much better than taking advantage of countless sign up bonuses of new internet casinos that emerge every day.

Compilation of casino loyalty points

With this one, the name says it all. Casinos track each player’s activity, including statistics on deposits, the number of bets made and the frequency of bets, and if the player spends a lot of time at the casino, he gets rewarded with special loyalty points. These points can then be accumulated and exchanged for various bonuses, free games and free spins, and the number of those is often higher than those of sign up bonuses. Strict terms and conditions often prevent gamblers from fully enjoying bonuses, but the use of loyalty bonuses is not as strictly regulated. You can also use bonus points to purchase novelty mugs, T-shirts and other stuff with the casino’s logo from their online store.

Casino promotions for regular players

The second advantage to keeping your game at just one house is that after a while you may be added to a list of regular players. The casino sends out regular emails or account notifications to these players, notifying them about special promotions and deals. Naturally, new players or players who bet at the casino rarely don’t get an opportunity to use these bonuses. Being able to withdraw money from casinos much quicker than regular players is another perk of being in the loyalty program.

Online casino VIP status

A loyalty program is also often considered to be a stepping stone to joining the ranks of VIP players. Of course, some houses only grant VIP status to players who spend thousands of dollars at a time, but there are casinos where you just need to be active and bet often to get a VIP status.

How to choose that one casino to play at

By now you probably have a list of casinos you enjoy playing at the most. If you don’t, go out and play a bit at different casinos. Once you have a few of the best ones on your mind, go ahead and read terms and conditions of their loyalty programs. The thing you’re looking for is the value of points. Find out how many points you will get for every euro or dollar spent at the casino and how many points you need to get at each casino to receive free spins and credit, and then pick the best offer. The quality of a casino’s loyalty program is a good indication of how the house treats its players, and when you choose an establishment who values its players, you can be pretty much certain that you will get a pleasant gambling experience.

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