5 biggest casino losses in the history of gambling

Each gambler out there has been at a point in life when the game got a bit too exciting with the player later ending up losing way more than he can afford. If you are at a point like this in your life – don’t worry. Just learn your lesson, be more considerate the next time you gamble, and in the meantime, distract yourself with these stories of 5 magnificent casino loses. Trust us, you will feel lucky to have lost small afterwards!

Steve Richards lost 30 thousand pounds after betting on the wrong rugby team

This contractor from the UK has always had a passion for casinos, poker and even online slots, but his favorite hobby is sports betting. His time in the spotlight finally came when he beat the odds of 3,861 to one, guessing the results of 12 rugby matches in a row. He won 38,970 British pounds, only to lose almost the entire jackpot a week later after betting 30 thousand on Wales rugby team. The only good thing about this story is that the gambler swears that he would do it the same way again if he could go back in time.

Half a million loss at a Las Vegas casino on the Super Bowl weekend

Mark Johnson, a real estate investor was just looking to have a good time playing poker and slots at a casino in the famous city of Las Vegas, but he definitely wasn’t having fun the morning after a night of gambling, as he was told of his 500 thousand-dollar loss at a local casino. However, the player didn’t back down easily, he went on to sue the live casino, claiming that he was so drunk he couldn’t see the cards. Nevada laws prohibit casinos and dealers from allowing clearly inebriated players to play.

The unlucky internet casino player who thought he was having the winning streak of his life

One long, sleepless night a slots enthusiast from Europe bet just 22 dollars at his favorite online casino Eurobet UK. Imagine his happiness and surprise when he found himself almost four hours later with almost 900,000 dollars in his account! Unfortunately, that happiness soon turned into a nightmare when he found out that there’s been a glitch in the system and he actually lost almost 80 thousand dollars because the gambling software only charged him for one in six bets. The gambler went to court, but had no luck there.

One man responsible for 5.6% of all losses at Las Vegas in 2007

Terrance Watanabe is a famous man in business, a CEO of the Oriental Trading Company, but after 2007 he became famous for his enormous gambling losses at Las Vegas houses. In just one year the American managed to lose 127 million dollars! Understandably, he went on to sue the casinos in the hopes of getting at least a part of the sum back, but was charged for stealing and fraud.

One of the biggest players in the world losing 1,500,000,000 dollars in a year

Harry Kakavas once was a rich man and a famous name in Australia’s real estate business, but that was before he took up a habit of gambling, sometimes betting as much as three hundred thousand dollars per hand. The player had to borrow millions of dollars to repay his casino debts and undergo gambling addiction treatment.

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