A Glorious History of Jackpot

Any sane player had dreams about reaching that juicy fat jackpot and ride that rollercoaster of emotions that will carry you to crazy money. This amazingly sweetly sounding word “jackpot” can definitely change your life in a glance of an eye. It forces us to change the way we play and perceive the goals of a strategy. So let us try to learn what jackpot is.
When we say out loud this word we usually mean a huge main prize or the cumulative worth of all bets on the table. The very concept did not transform into something completely different centuries after invention. In fact, there were nearly no changes what so ever. If you want to learn more, it is time for a history lesson.

The Beginning

Many believe that the cradle of gambling is ancient China. However, there are many experts who claim that the homeland of gambling is Europe. During the period between 14th and 19th century, gambling as an entertainment industry stretched from one ocean to another and turned into a domain that we know today. The concept of jackpots morphed and finally turned into grand prix.
There are various types of jackpots available to all players. You should definitely learn as much as possible about this thing in order to elevate your chances of earning money to the next level. Where can you get jackpots? In the vast majority of lotteries, slot machines, card games, and many others you will have the main luring in prize – this is exactly what we call a jackpot!

They Come in All Shapes and Colors

The oldest type is probable Bingo. Initially, this game gained popularity in Italy in 16th century. This was a lottery that over time turned into what it is today. Jackpot was a name for the prize in this lottery. Usually, the prize is formed with bets that players make. In some scenarios, the prize is fixed.
The original ideas about having a grand prize originates from ancient Egypt where many gambling games offered a big prize to the luckiest participant. Today, nearly all casino companies and lottery organizers advertise their services through showing off huge mindboggling life-changing prizes. There are prizes worth literally billions dollars.
Jackpot is a common thing for any poker where the grand prize is formed by all those risky people entering the competition. Despite consisting of tiny bits of bets made throughout the day, the prize soon grows to unexpectedly huge amounts. We cannot ignore casinos specializing in slot games where progressive jackpots became a staple of the industry. In a sense, these casinos are pushing the idea of jackpot even further introducing the concept to myriads of players on a daily basis.

There Different Types of Prizes

In the vast majority of scenarios, you will have to enter an additional competition to test your luck. In other cases, jackpot is an integral part of gaming experience and acts as an attraction for players. Some jackpots are always up for grabs. Depending on the type of the prize, you can alter your playstyle and try to hunt for that outstanding victory that will undeniably change your life.
The most popular type of jackpot is progressive one. The sum grows constantly based on the amount of games that occurred before. The more no one wins the jackpot, the bigger it becomes over time. Such cool prizes are always boggling people who can win this sum every time they hit that “play” button. In some casinos the sum is fixed and preemptively announced. However, such jackpots are less popular and slowly fade out.
If you dream of winning big, choose casinos where you can win that sweet huge prize!

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