3 beginner tips and tricks for beating a casino roulette

The most comforting thing about online gambling is that someone always has to win. If wins were rare or didn’t happen at all, people would gradually stop playing and casinos would go out of business. Generally, casino games require substantial skill and knowledge if you want to consistently beat the house. Luckily, this is not the case with online casino roulette. Here we present you the so-called “Perfect Strategy” – a set of three simple rules that will allow you to consistently win more than you lose at both internet and live roulette casinos. The strategy is very simple and it is most suitable for beginner gamblers. If you want something more advanced, try pairing it with other popular roulette systems, such as Fibonacci.

Play European roulette safely with a 50/50 system

This concept for placing online roulette bets is as simple as it gets – if you are a beginner player, a fairly experienced gambler who doesn’t have much cash to spend on slots at the moment or if you’re simply honing your skill and looking to understand how the game works in the long run, control yourself and limit your betting to small and outside bets. Once the situation turns around, try betting inside and spend more money per bet at each roulette game. Diversification of bets is bound to minimize your losses and help you win an extra dollar or two.

Know when to make inside and outside internet roulette bets

As you probably already know, inside betting is when you bet on a specific number on the roulette, it is a bet that comes with extremely high risk, but also promises high reward. On the other hand, there is outside betting, when you bet on a color, or choose whether the number will be odd or even. It may be tempting to make an inside bet and win big, and it may look so easy from the way you see fellow gamblers play, but doing so can lead to substantial losses that will be hard to recover from. We recommend you to stick to outside bets in the beginning and, possibly, forever. Relying on inside bets in the roulette strategy is only justified for those who have a good knowledge of statistics, high numerical awareness and a lot of money to lose painlessly.

Managing your casino roulette gambling budget correctly

The trick with casino roulettes of any type is that the slower and more thoughtful you go, the longer you will stay in the game. Roulette strategies that work are all about long-term success – it is almost impossible to win big quickly. And it will definitely be impossible to win at all if you spend your entire gambling budget and more on the first day. It is crucial to identify how much to can afford to lose and how much you would like to bet every time before you start playing roulette online or live. Set a limit and strictly keep yourself within boundaries. This will let you to take any hit with almost no damage and recover quickly. If you feel like all you’re doing on a certain day is losing – just stop playing. Trying to win back what you’ve lost is the worst step you can take.

Now you’re fully equipped to go for your first online roulette casino game, just keep in mind the gambling secrets above and you will soon find yourself a winner.

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