Best cities for gambling. London

London deservedly enters the list of the greatest cities in Europe, the history of the city is more than 2 millennia. In London, everyone plays poker: children and adults, and even royalty.

Not one century card games were banned in this city, but to etch the love of entertainment among the citizens and did not work. For residents of London, cards are, first of all, pleasant leisure time in the company of family and friends. Preference and poker are favorite games in noisy pubs, gambling houses, card clubs. Maps … cards are an integral puzzle for the city life of the capital of the UK and Londoners understand the difference between painful addiction and hobbies / sports. Not for nothing that the English school of poker is considered one of the most powerful in the whole world.

Millennial history

Fact: In 43 BC. London was founded by the Romans, who at that time conquered new territories and expanded their state.
When the invaders came to the territory of modern England, they founded here a small town called Londinium. A little later it was renamed to London, and in time to the already familiar – London. The capital of the British state, London first became in 100 AD. For hundreds of years, he was tormented by Vikings, then by the French, local internecine wars also did not give rest, because of which the city surrendered its positions with enviable persistence. The French occupation of London in 1216 was the last for the city, after its liberation, it was never captured by foreign troops for 8 centuries, which was a kind of record among the capitals of old Europe.

Card games, as a form of recreation, became popular in England in the XIV century, while the fashion for cards went all over Europe, especially notorious grandees were addicted to this game. Historians say that the Scottish King James IV, who sat on the throne in the XV century, favorite pastime was just a card game. But English King Henry VIII went down in history as a ruler who forbade dice, tennis and … cards. Only this prohibition extended exclusively to the representatives of the working class and did not concern the British elite. Surprisingly, even representatives of the Catholic Church were allowed to play cards, which does not fit into the minds of modern believers.

Fact: After the decree issued by Henry VIII in London, cases of robbery and drunken debauchery increased at times. Apparently, the working class did not know how to occupy itself and started all the hard.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the capital of England was popular card game Primero, which, as historians assume, became the progenitor of poker. Thanks to Elizabeth, gambling flourished in England. From the filing of the Queen in the country introduced a state lottery, the main task of which was to increase the royal treasury.

In the XVIII century in London, the first gambling houses opened, where the townspeople enjoyed playing in the pharaoh, whist, baccarat, 21-but. At the same time is gaining popularity and bookmaking. It is worth noting that in London casinos large sums were deposited, as the British Empire was one of the richest countries in Europe with colonies around the world.

In the middle of the XIX century, the government of England began to wage a brutal struggle with excitement, under the hammer of the law all gambling houses fell. The taboo on gambling led to the emergence of underground clubs. Not rare were domestic gatherings. There was a time when the raids were arranged even on private homes, the result – several wealthy people could defend their right to a home game in court. For more than 200 years, any gambling in England was illegal, only in 1961 lawmakers revised their attitude towards excitement and lifted the ban. From this moment a new history of the gambling world of Great Britain begins.

Today, the capital of England is the largest financial center in Europe, whose economic ties are spread all over the world. Not only is industry developed here, London is also a cultural and sports center of Europe.

Tourist paradise

Thousand-year London history has brought to our times an unlimited number of monuments and architectural sights. To all guests of the city, Londoners are advised to visit the historic center of the city, where you can immerse yourself in the history of the past centuries.

Buckingham Palace – the residence of the English Queen Elizabeth II. Around the palace hundreds of tourists are constantly on duty, who hope to see if not the queen herself, at least her motorcade, or eminent relatives.

Not far from the palace stands the visiting card of London – Big Ben. Famous for the whole world watches – an integral part of the most luxurious London building – the Palace of Westminster. Today, the British Parliament is sitting in the palace. The palace itself is made in the Neo-Gothic architectural style and it has no analogues in the whole world.

This sight is advised to admire at night, when the backlight, which creates a bewitching spectacle of the nocturnal capital of England, turns on. On the opposite side of the Thames is the old parliament, where everyone can enter today. Near the ancient building peacefully neighbors modern structure – the ferris wheel of London, from the height of which you can admire the metropolis.

Cards in the city

In the UK capital legally, more than 20 gambling houses regularly operate, each of which can find a poker room. Yes, poker is a very popular game in London. That’s just such poker rooms often work as closed clubs, where without a membership card simply will not be allowed on the threshold. If you flew to London for a couple of days, then becoming an honorary member of one of these clubs will be silly – very high membership fees will become that fly in the ointment. True, there is a sweet candy – a great chance, becoming an honorary member of the poker circle, sit at a table with a London billionaire, or some eminent lord.

However, if the guests want to experience their luck in poker battles, we advise you to go to the Casino at The Empire gambling house, which opened the doors for visitors relatively recently – in 2007. In this casino is the largest London poker room, where tournaments and cash games are held every day. The minimum bet is £ 1-2, although it is recommended to take at least £ 50 in game. From Monday to Friday, tournaments are held with bays of £ 40, on Saturday and Sunday – events with re-buy 20 + £ 5.

The lowest entry fee of £ 10 in Texas Hold’em tournaments is available at the Equal Chance Casino. But if you do not want to spend that amount on the game, then you can visit poker pubs, of which there are countless in the city. There, the rates are much lower, and the buy-in amount is £ 5.

London is the capital of various poker championships. There are not only local tournaments here, but World and European poker events, including the World Series of Poker Europe.



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