Bonus strategy Playtech

Here are our recommendations and gambling strategy for huge winnings:

Gambling with this strategy guarantees 100% bet execution on any wager with the maximum allowed 25% loss.* Additionally, you don’t have to sit in front of your monitor. Although, the process may take quite some time.

*The maximum allowed loss was calculated based on testing results. It is possible to gain the same level of profit or make it out even (the balance will not change after winning back the wager).

While testing this strategy we multiple times managed to take bonuses with $24 000, $16 000, and $10 000 wagers. Several hundred thousand spins and the dispersion was relatively small allowing us to keep our gambling strategy within the diapason of -/+25%.

Do not wait for secret methods and intricate tables explaining how to trick a Casino – you won’t find them.

I will tell you three important things: what to play, how to play, and how to avoid spending your whole life in front of the monitor. This gambling strategy is absolutely legal and does not break any Casino rules.

Why PlayTech?

Casinos on PlayTech software usually offer generous bonuses (up to 400%) on your deposits which drastically increases your chances to win.

This is a reliable software developer that has been in the market since 1999. Its software is very expensive and costs over $100 000. All casinos that employ this software are licensed. Our goal here is not talking about this exact software – those who wants a history lesson can google – we just establish the fact that the software reliable and we can gamble on it

PlayTech Casino

As a rule of a thumb, the games are mostly the same in all casinos, thus our gamble strategy will help us winning bonuses in any Casino on PlayTech.

The withdrawal is usually processed within 4 days. This means that withdrawing funds to Webmoney takes up to 7 days.

Be ready to provide some documents: passport and utility checks usually suffice.

The vast majority of bonuses in PlayTech are “sticky” which means that you can withdraw only your winnings and the bonus itself is staying in the house.

Always pay attention to the rulings related to bonuses. There are some limitations on maximum withdrawals when you gamble with a bonus (like deposit X10 rule).

Warning! This is not a gambling system for online Casinos. This is a strategy that allows you to take your bonuses with minimal losses and it works if you have already won! Although, we will provide some gambling and betting tips as well.

 Bonus Taking Strategy

The baseline:

In order to execute the strategy and satisfy the wager requirements, we need to use a slot machine with a minimal dispersion meaning that we need a game that provides lots of small winnings with minimal participation from the player. Based on these requirements we tested multiple slots and picked one.

All bonuses are earned on one slot machine:

  • Chinese Kitchen can be launched in three separate windows and using auto play we can force spin 9999 times with the minimal bet.
  • That’s it. We simply start the slot machine and occasionally increase the amount of auto spins.
  • This means that we can leave three windows on autoplay and relax.
  • Periodically, you will have to check whether the software is still running and the connection is stable.

This gambling strategy is quite handy. You can just set up games and leave them for the night. By the morning, you will have your bonus earned!

If you have a $1-$1.2K deposit, you can raise your wagers and keep them at $0.27 per window meaning that one simultaneous spin will cost you $0.81.

How to Check the Amount of Earned Bonuses?

  • Some casinos have a specific bonus panel where you can check how many bonuses there are left to win.
  • You can ask in the Live Chat.
  • Use your good old calculator. The general rule is that you get 1 bonus point per $10 of wagers.
  • After you earned your bonuses, contact the customer support and make sure that you can safely withdraw your bonuses.

Which PlayTech Casinos Offer Huge 100-400% Bonuses?

You can search for the biggest bonuses of large online forums and community sites. Note that the same casino may offer different bonuses to those who come from different websites!

Start from focusing on casinos that offer the biggest bonuses (100-400%).

Some promotional deals are exclusive to the website. Make sure to clean up your cookies and only then use a link from the site.

Don’t forget to ask about the bonus in the Live Chat. Some bonuses may be seasonal or work as a one-time offer. Make sure that you will get your special bonus.

Always read rules related to bonuses. While using slots is allowed everywhere, some games cannot be played with bonuses.

Filter out unreliable companies

There is nothing worse than not receiving your honestly earned bonuses. Read about the casino at before committing to depositing money. If the website is in the blacklist, don’t even think about using it.

Win-Big Strategy for Slots

Many PlayTech casinos offer huge bonuses and many players learned personally that you can definitely use them to make profit, but earning bonuses is truly tricky due to wager requirements that are crazy high!
However, you have an efficient and tested gambling strategy that will allow you to quickly earn bonuses. Now, you should start looking for casinos that offer huge bonuses.
The whole strategy is based on using the slot machine where you can “catch” free spins with a big multiplier. Gambling with bigger bets (which you can afford after earning your 300-400% of bonuses) may yield you great winnings!

Recommended Slots

Penguin Vacation, Great Blue, Irish Luck
The gambling strategy is fairly simple. Bet $2-10 depending on the size of you deposit and try to “catch” free spins in order to win big.
You already know how to earn bonuses. Now, you only need to get something that can be earned!

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