Your Chances of Winning on Your First Account

Some say that new accounts always have a better payback percentage and that it is easier to win compared to all your consequent and older accounts. Theoretically, a casino will try to attract a new player by allowing him to win. This is the way 90% of people think about gambling at online casino websites. The idea “I have won too much and I just feed the slots” is far from being true. When you play using a licensed software, there is no difference between your first and your last deposit.
— Your biggest advantage as a new player is having a significant bonus with a nice wager and you have a notably higher chance to win
— Why Does It Not Matter? Modern licensed software is constantly tested and inspected by independent organizations that ensure that games and chances are fair. All games are played on dedicated servers and the casino itself cannot affect your chances of winning. Changing your winrates and manipulating payback is possible only in scripted online casinos. Such fake scams you should avoid like fire. Your gambling and deposit history are being tracked by such websites and you will never win anything!

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