Chips for playing poker. How to choose?

Currently it’s not a big deal to become an owner of poker chips. Although, only a small percent of the chips you can find on sale are true products. The major part of chips is fake.

As you might know, poker chips used in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas Casinos are used as a sample. Everything matters – starting from the material they are made of and ending with the size of these chips. As a rule, poker chips are made of clay and ceramics, sometimes accompanied by metal elements, incorporated in them.

If you have a chip made of plastic, know that it’s fake.

Of course, the specialists can figure out if the chip is real or not in a matter of seconds, and here are the main things they pay attention at:


First of all, plastic chips with metal elements can be distinguished from the original ones by weight, and it must be from 8.5 to 10 grams for real samples. The weight is explained by the standards on sizes of the chip, taking its thickness and the diameter into account, as well as the amount of material required for fabrication of the chip.


Sizes of poker chips are linked with the sizes of the construction, where these chips are placed in stakes on a poker table. Each of the constructions must be able to place 5 stakes of 20 chips, and for this their diameter must exceed 39 mm.

Those who produce fake poker chips round their size up to 40 mm, which makes them much bigger, especially when they are put together, and this is one of the main principles to spot the fake chips.

It’s also important to know that it’s quite hard to make a chip of a uniform thickness, when they are made of clay. The size of the original chip is always smaller than for a true one, thus, the standard wrack usually can fit no more than 19 fake poker chips.


Another important parameter is their price. Fabrication of the chips is quite an expensive process, and one chip cannot cost lower than 1.5 dollars. Besides, original chips are quite firm, and they do not become worn even after a few years of exploitation in the poker rooms, what to say about using them at home?


Fake chips may break after a few hits or falls on the ground, and the painting they have may lose attractiveness quite fast. A fake chip will have scratches and other minor damages. Thus, it’s better not to waste your money for some product of a low quality. Buy original chips, and they will serve you long years.

Classic set of poker chips

A classic set must have a certain amount of chips of each value and a set total sum.

You will need 3-4 values of chips with approximately equal total sum of each of the values. For example, the set may have 1,000 chips with a value of $1, 200 chips with a value of $5, 100 chips with a value of $10, and 20 chips with a value of $50. Thus, the club will have 4 sets of $1,000 with a total worth of $4,000.

Thus, such total value gives a chance to organize a game with a fund of $1,000 for 4-5 participants up to a fund of $6,000-8,000 for 10-15 participants. You can also shift to local currencies, but remember that the rules have to be sorted out beforehand.

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