Top most absurd and curious online gambling laws

Hardships linked with the fact that gambling activities may be restricted by law are not rare in gambling, and everyone faces them more or less in all countries. It is clear that the absence of smart system of regulation of gambling segment are big losses for the government, and potential problems for the population of the country, but some bans can reach really absurd extent. Here is our collection of the most inappropriate and contradictory results of law-creation activities regarding gambling industry in multiple world countries. Let’s go!


In September 2002 they adopt a law, which forbids playing video games in internet café. In December 2003 it was reviewed, and after this the ban starts covering all sorts of electronic games in public institution. As a result, even Playstations and online chess have become forbidden for playing in public places! Here is how Greek government tries to control the popularization of gambling activities.

It is curious to know that there is some sort of monopoly in bookmaker activities. The only institution, which can show legal work on a Greek market is still a social organization of football forecast, and the term of its bookmaker license will expire in 2030. Other biggest bookmaker companies were refused in getting the permission.

Interesting fact

In France gambling was legalized by cardinal Mazarini. In his times higher society regularly visited gambling houses, often by an order of the highest ranking officers. Napoleon could create a great army and to fill the state budget with a help of roulette, which was especially popular among the soldiers of French army.


The citizens of the second biggest continent after Eurasia prefer traditional European gambling activities, and the most popular are the matches of English premiere league. But the objects of these bets are different from those conventional in Europe. There is a known situation when the citizen of Uganda bet with his car and wife in a match between Arsenal and Manchester United. The most interesting fact is that betting with wives and relatives is fully legal in the country, because rights and obligations of spouses are controlled by African laws and the rights of ethnic groups.


The law of Canada forbids getting money signs from gaming with chances. What does it mean? It means that for example those who are lucky betting in races cannot simply come and take their rewards. At first they’ll have to work to prove that prize is the result of mastership, but not a pure luck. In order to do it, you’ll have to solve some mathematical sum before getting your revenue. These sums will be given to a winner by the organizers of the event.

Great Britain

Gambling in Great Britain is forbidden by the law, in which a lot of loopholes can be found. Let’s say. You want to become an honored member of some elite London club. If some time ago years could pass for checking your application, than now the question is solved just within a few minutes. Buying a card of a member at the entrance to casino (it is valid for one day), you can get full access to slot machines, which are forbidden in London. In other words, those who want, get all the opportunities.


In 2010 according to the request of the state regulation bodies, the gamblers were obliged to reveal the sum of money they were able to spend that day. Once the limit was reached, the access to resource was automatically closed. This new regulation was met with no proper understanding of both gamblers and the representatives of gambling industry. After a very generous sum of money was paid to two of the leading parties, the law was cancelled. Although, it doesn’t mean that there are no other regulations that are still applied, for example, a ban to mount ATMs in casinos and gambling houses, which partly limits gamblers’ access to their funds. Australians are one of the top gambling nations, and they have proven to be the most unlucky ones. Among the other absurd laws one can also mention a ban to listen the music through headphones while playing slot machines in order not to lose the connection with the reality.

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