What countries are the best for gamblers? Gambling in different countries

It’s not only curious to know, it also becomes a vital necessity for travellers and real fans of this game. Where is it best to play poker? Where is it legal and where it’s not? Do you know in what countries playing poker will bring you only pleasure and zero problems?

We’ve decided to inform you about your possible poker trip through this article.

Let’s introduce our selection criteria:

  • How available online poker rooms are
  • How high are taxes on your poker revenues, how easy can you withdraw and use them
  • How diverse are the activities in the country
  • How affordable it is to live in the country (purchase/rent of accommodation, meals)

Having studied these factors, we are ready to present you a list of countries where you will feel great as a gambler.

Great Britain

It is one of the wealthiest countries, it is diverse and has a specific gambling culture. It’s not simply an ideal place for a gambler; it is a house to one of the largest poker rooms in the world.

Gamblers choose London, which is an obvious choice not only for poker fans, but for gamblers of other sort as well. It has a number of fascinating places, where you definitely won’t feel bored. Nottingham is another tourist destination, where there is a great number of casinos, including those operating 24 hours.

Along with this, London is one of the most expensive capitals in the world, and you really need to be a successful gambler in order to be ready to stay there.

London suburbs make up a cheaper option for more budget travellers.

Revenues are completely free from taxes. It’s no wonder why world’s most famous gamblers prefer to stay here.

To sum up, high prices are compensated with the absence of taxes and the fashion of living in one of the greatest countries in the world, which can brag the most stable economy and a number of interesting places to see.


This country has accented a record number of gambling emigrants from the US.

It is attractive not only with fascinating nature and national parks, but also with a low cost of living. Major part of the population knows one or more foreign languages, so this is a great plus for gambling tourists.

Vancouver is the most popular city for online poker players. Gambling revenues are not taxed; one should study the full list of tax laws, but shortly, your gambling revenues must exceed 44 thousand dollars for paying, all sorts of revenues below this sum are not taxed.


This country is popular not only for bright-orange beaches and awesome warm climate, beautiful ladies and delicious kitchen – it’s also one of the most popular gambling destinations, which is especially appreciated by poker players.

Gamblers usually prefer Chiang Mai and Bangkok, which is the third biggest world megapolises.

The cost of living are incredibly low, and this is a great opportunity for beginners or for those who chooses to play safe, betting low.

One tricky factor is that a big part of gambling activities are illegal here, but online gambling isn’t. The revenues are not taxed, still, it’s not recommended to announce your income for safety reasons.

And in the end we should mention that fast Internet connection is one of the most attractive factors for online gamblers in Thailand.


Even being too far from the rest of civilizations, it is attractive with a lot of opportunities for living and gambling in Australia. One of the most attractive climatic factors is that it has summer in winter months, and vice versa – awesome news for those who don’t like low temperatures.

Melbourne is the most popular gambling destinations in Australia. Crown Casino in Melbourne is the biggest in south hemisphere.

The cost of living here is quite high, though, it’s a lot lower than in London. Taking the factor of high costs for flight tickets into account, we may say that it’s not a destination for a beginner. Revenues are not taxed, however, gambling operators are supposed to pay a high percent of taxes to the government.

No matter what destination you choose, remember, that everything depends on your skills and luck! A good gambler is a desired guest almost everywhere in the world.

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