Great roulette tricks that will make you rich

We cannot argue against the fact that the queen of fortune is the fairest of all games of chance and that there are no truly effective roulette tricks. There is simply not enough room for planned strategies in a completely random environment. The spinning wheel with a jumping little ball is the fairest and random way of gambling in the history of humanity. To be precise, we must substitute the word “fair” with another more telling word “transparent”. There are statistical yields that you get on average from any bet you make over a long period of time. The expected return is quite low and equals 93%, there is only one specific combination of sectors that will on average yield lesser results of 92%. This means that every time you risk a single dollar, you may expect to get back 93 cents and may yield up to x35 of the value depending on the wager. This transparency and mathematical systematization of probabilities made this game as exciting and popular as it is. The influence of pure chance is exactly what makes people so addicted to games of chance in the first place. If you like to experience the thrill of gaming and those splashes of dopamine released when the ball lands on the sector of your choosing, you must wonder regularly whether a method of winning regularly exists. Sadly, there is not such method despite overly popular articles and expert techniques may tell you. So instead of giving you several casino roulette tips, we will go over several very wrong strategies that you should never adopt.

Martingale Strategy

We have once covered this strategy but did not go into details why you should never employ it. The average spread of results when only 2 possible outcomes are possible is quite even and you may rely on the fact that the method will work in an indefinite span of time. You may use this method of making the same bet until it wins while doubling the wager for a long time and be absolutely sure that it works, but the mathematical expectation is against you in the long run.
We will not go into details about probabilities and how possible it is that the series of black or red will continue infinitely. Instead, we just want to concentrate your attention on the size of the deposit you need to withstand a long losing streak. With the initial amount of wagered money being only $1, you will need $127 of backup funds to make 7 plays in a row. However, to make your tenth play, you will have to have over $1000. Each consecutive bet will double the amount. Meaning that 6 more gambles will put you in a hefty $162 thousand deficit.
The strategy works for people with huge capitals, but if you have so much money to spend why would you bother to win only one dollar? Just switch to poker…

The 10 and 5 strategy

A simple tactic popularized by several articles a couple of years ago clouded many minds. The premise is that you put 10 on red and 5 on black. Over a short period of time, it seems that you will have safer prospects and lose less during losing streaks. However, this is an extremely flawed strategy that does not work even on the fundamental level. The possible payouts are just not favorable even in the short term, but the situation becomes even worse in the long run.  The same effect and possible rewards can be achieved with using only 10 bucks on any color without backing the gamble up with a smaller counterbet. When the ball lands on zero you will lose less. This means that straight betting is much more beneficial that splitting the wager and “balancing risks” with contradictory wagers.

Searching for a Flawed Wheel

This is actually a working method. When a table is not perfectly balanced, some numbers may be favored more than others especially over a long period of time and with enough spins occurred. Finding such tables is nearly impossible in modern days when technology allows to perfectly balance equipment and avoid such flaws. On top of that, to count on the idea that someone would allow you to record enough spins to calculate favorable sectors is ridiculous on its own.
There are no 100% roulette tricks but it is the fairest and most engaging way to test your fortune. So go for it.

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