What is the situation on Swedish gambling market today?

Sweden is undoubtedly one of the most reliable markets in whole Europe. Tough legislation and well-organized work of state regulation authorities have led to the fact that there are more than forty live casinos operating on the territory of this country.

All of them belong to state company, which pays taxes to the state, and today we are going to get you acquainted with the perspectives of development of gambling in Sweden.

The inception

Gambling was known on the territory of Sweden long back, and the first mention of this activity is dated centuries back. The first casino in Sweden was opened in the 18th century. It was furnished with Schick, had beautiful ladies and a great variety of gambling activities. Those who used to try their luck were proposed to play roulette, poker, bassette, and other games.
Just a while after, church started interfering with the gambling industry by calling it as something coming from a devil, and in a while gambling in Sweden fell under state ban with a strict punishment to those who disobey it.

In the end of 19th century the bans started being not that strict, and the next decades brought legalization of gambling activities in Sweden.

Gambling activities in Sweden today

Since Sweden is a part of European union, its legislation supports European norms, which afford online gambling activities. More than that, the market is open not only to national operators, but also to those who perform their activities overseas. Do not forget that one of the top developers of gambling software is based in Sweden.
Nowadays gambling in this country is regulated by the laws of the European Union, hence providing you a feeling of being totally safe with your hobbies. Swedish gambling system may be called as one being monopolized by the state, for it has only few casinos in the country, and all of them are under supervision of the government. They operate in Malmo, Goteborg, Sundsvall, and Stockholm forming a chain of Cosmopol Casino gambling company.

Online gambling feels fine in Sweden, for the law does not forbid organization and handling of gambling activities in the world wide web. We should mention that Sweden is an excellent country for having among the most comfortable and safest laws in Europe, which fully support the government, the businesses operating in it, and individual gamblers.

Hence, online gambling in Sweden is one of the safest activities, for the registration is carried out in a few stages, asking for the personal data, the address of residence, and the number of bank account. It helps to estimate the amount of funds a client can spend within one week. After such checking procedure is carried out, a gambler gets access to further registration stages, or ban.

As you have probably understood, the model of gambling business in Sweden is very safe and perspective. The country has just four real life casinos controlled by the state company, but it has to offer a lot of online gambling sites. Strict laws result in filling the state budget on permanent bases and in maximal protection of the users.

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