How do slot machines work? What types of slot machines are used?

Gaming slot machines have different payout systems. If we talk of the easiest constructions, the amount of payouts depends on the depth of dents on the discs rotating gaming wheels. This article will tell more about this type of payouts. To make it easier, we’ll explain you the principle for the slot machine, which has only one winning combination and which accepts only one type of coins.

If you merged money in a special slot for coins, they fall into a certain bank. It has a closing mechanism on the bottom, which is connected with metal curtain device. Most of the time this curtain is kept in a closed mode. If you won, the stopper pushes the dent, and the stopping mechanism opens along with the connection unit. The slot slightly opens, and the coins fall outside.

All discs of such slot machine have dents for each of the possible positions of the drum. The dent of the winning combination is slightly deeper than the dent of the other combinations. If the first drum stops on a dent of our jackpot, the stopper will go slightly deeper into the dent comparing with the losing combinations. If the second drum stops in the same position, than its stopper goes even further. The same situation goes for the third drum.

If only the stopper of the second drum stopped at the right symbol, its stopper cannot move far, for the stopper of the first drum will stand on its way. For the third stopper to stop at the winning dent, it is necessary that the first and the second stopper stopped there. If this happens, all the coins, which were dropped in the slot machine since the moment of the last payout will drop out.

Payouts in computerized slots

Modern slots have payout mechanisms, which are a lot more complicated than those of mechanic slot machines. In most of the contemporary slots the sizes of payouts are defined in advance for any winning combination, including jackpot.

In some electronic slots discs have metal contacts. When the drums stop, one of these contacts goes in touch with the static contact, attached to the electronic system of the slot machine. Stop of the drum in any of the winning symbols leads to switching one of the tumblers of electric circuit, which corresponds for payouts. Winning combinations lead to the total activation of the payout mechanism.

Some systems are even more modern

Photodiodes are used in even more modern systems. The principle of their work is in starting an electric current under the action of light, and it influences on the position of the drum. Outer edges of the rotating discs can have a row of holes, which are not seen by the gambler. Photodiode is on one of the sides of the disc.

The source of light is located on the other side. Through the hole the light falls on the photodiode, when the drum spins. The disc has some pattern of holes, which makes a photodiode to reproduce the same pattern of the electric pulses. Based on this pattern, electronic scheme will define the current position of the drum and the necessity to make payouts.

The most modern models use microprocessors instead of chain mechanisms; they can process any action of the gambler by themselves and to define the current position of the drums.

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