How to pay when playing in online casinos

There are various popular channels to move money around that are adopted by online casinos. This means that we must be picky when it comes to choosing the most suitable solution to move funds around. While there are some good choices, certain financial services are way better than others. We want to make a brief review of frequently employed financial channels that are common for the entertainment industry. Note that not all of them are super good. Our selected options are just better than alternatives but it does not mean that they are all flawless.

#5. Skrill.

This system appeared recently and has been successfully operating all over the Europe for over 8 years. As time went by, this company managed to grow into a huge corporation capable on wholly consuming lesser businesses and competitors and slowly turning into a monstrosity of a corporation. The headquarters of this enterprise is situated in London and the business is closely supervised by multiple British officials. Nonetheless, the platform is known for its abysmal customer service and delayed transactions.  Note that this is a system featured on nearly all websites in the market. There are several key factors why this is the key. This corporation is a rare enterprise that openly supports many controversial industries like Forex trading, binary options, and gambling/betting services. Firms operating in these fields receive interesting bonuses and corporate discounts meaning that for many it is simply more profitable to use this platform in their business endeavors despite low 1.8 out of 5 rating in terms of customer satisfaction. If you want a better experience, maybe choose…

#4. Neteller.

Originating from Canada, this brand is a staple option for all companies in this market and other domains. This operator is a direct competitor of our previous participant as the company also tries to cater to a wide variety of businesses that work in the Forex Trading, Entertainment, and Social Media. The service offers multiple products and a really great solution for modern internet users who need “fast” money. The Net+ card is a great option for such people who want to move funds around and quickly. The general consensus of experts is that this operator is slightly better compared to its competition.Transaction times are shorter and the vast majority of paying customers in the entertainment domain are more than happy with the service. While it is still far from being absolutely error-free and impeccable in terms of delays, this is a much better way to move funds around if you are from Europe or CIS.

#3. Paysafecard.

If you want an instant and safe way to deposit a certain sum anonymously before providing personal information, this is the best solution out there. Available to all European citizens and even to CIS/African people, this option is great for quick protected payments over the internet. Recently, this system has been a “go-to” choice for people who like to purchase digital goods in various MOBAs and MMORPGs. At the same time, the whole industry also caught up and now you can use real money in casino games without even exposing your credit card information before you absolutely need to do so. The problem is that you won’t be able to receive any of your funds back. You will need to find another way to withdraw funds, but this is another story.

#2. Traditional Banks.

This is possibly the most reliable method of withdrawing/depositing. All movements of funds are verified and cannot be held by openly regulated banks. However, the time they need to process a single operation is just jarring. You may wait for your check for days and a couple of weeks of waiting is not that crazy. Moreover, websites often have a small text on one of the pages where they notify you about possible delays of operations via bank transfers. In some cases, the “official” delay may be up to a month. While this is beyond inconvenient, there is unlikely a more secure way of making a payment. The problem is that it may take up to 7 business days to even pay to play. This is the best choice if safety is your number one priority and nothing else matters more than the fact that every single financial operation is recorded in your bank history.

#1. VISA/MasterCard.

Used all over the world as most reliable banking methods, physical and digital credit/debit cards are mobile, easy-to-use, and allow for instant banking. Note that you can use them from any corner of the world which is also a huge advantage for international visitors who love to explore different national markets. For example, some Swedish and Russian sites welcome people from across the ocean and will gladly accept customers from North and South America.  You can use your trusty good old bank card to both pay for services and playtime and to receive withdrawn cash. We honestly don’t even know why people prefer using other uncertified channels over standard and time-tested credit/debit cards.

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