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Yes, modern online casinos are corporate monsters that showcase carefully designed entertainment products that are made in a way that will make you spend as much as possible. These evil plans are usually the reason why many people despise gambling and betting in general. However, contemporary games of chance are much more alike gaming and will often offer fair odds and lots of fun to people who want to experience the thrill of winning free stuff. This does not mean that you can simply jump in and start rolling.  There are myriads of notable aspects of the industry that you must understand before your kick start your brand new career of a professional gambler:


  • Nothing comes for absolutely free;
  • Professionals must “work” to win regularly;
  • The industry is designed to take your money and not to give it to you.

With these simple laws gnawing the back of your head, you must realize that risking your hard earned cash without any experience and practice is not as wise of an idea as it may sound. Luckily, you will be able to check out the merits of free casino slot games by using our quick and simple tips on how to get started for literally zero.

Search for no deposit bonuses

Some companies want to attract as many newcomers as possible and offer you a wide variety of prizes and additional free stuff for free just to make sure that you check out their service. In the vast majority of scenarios, you will be asked to make a small deposit to enjoy all benefits of corporate generosity, but rare companies will just give you something for nothing. There are two main types of gifts that you may receive without paying a dime:
Free funds that you can use to gamble but cannot withdraw right away. This is usually a very small sum of money like $5 bucks. However, this is still enough to purchase some coins and try your luck in different slot games. If you know which games are better for smaller wagers, you may increase your chances to turn 5 virtual bucks into a nice pile of real banknotes. Usually, you will need to win enough for the minimal amount that you may transfer back to your wallet. The vast majority of casinos will allow to take back any sum bigger than $10.

Get huge bonuses and use only them

In many places you will be offered an opportunity to spend only those free funds on games. When you find a company with such policies, bravely make a large payment and receive a hefty bulk of virtual bucks that you can proceed to spend on your favorite games. When you deplete your gifted prizes completely, withdraw your initial capital. This will not work everywhere as companies are aware of such tricks. Nonetheless, some brands still give you an opportunity to enjoy all their entertainments for free and even win some rewards without risking a cent of you own money.
Typically, you can get up to 100% additional funds when making deposit for the first time. Pay $100, receive $100 virtually, spend them, and get your hundred back immediately. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Test games for free

Many loud names in our industry want to both attract new users and promote the best games of their partnered software providers. Such companies will give you lots of incentives to start playing and paying. In order to “hook you up”, some enterprises will create a demo account for you with virtual funds that you can spend freely on all sorts of digital entertainments featured in local catalogues. The rich variety of flashy applications will undoubtedly make you at least curious.  There are websites that basically do not require you to register in order to try out games. If you are a huge fan of slots or just want to experience what it is like to win and lose, just go to entertainment sites that showcase free slot games. Your first steps may be quite awkward and less than impressive but making mistakes without any risk will ensure that you get a lot of fun while avoiding stresses.

Wait for special promos and gifts

Many companies have their own small fan bases in social media. You may follow your favorite place on Twitter or Facebook and participate in raffles and promos. Often, you will be offered an opportunity to play for free, get some spins on house, receive real cash or get an extensive tour. It is common for websites to make one-time giveaways and special promotions. Getting a great deal and receiving some funds for free will always be a nice addition to your gaming experience.
Just bookmark your favored websites and be active on social media and you will eventually get something for free. This is a nice little trick that will save you from over spending.

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