How to beat an impossible game. Is it possible to cheat a casino?

What do you gamble for?

The very essence of trying your luck gambling is to have fun, and online casino is surely that type of entertainment, where everything is supposed to depend purely on luck of a player. Nonetheless, all experienced players follow some unspoken rules during the game. No one can guarantee you high revenues as soon as you start following them, but it’s definitely possible to decrease the probability of losing the money. Some of these recommendations have solid scientific explanation beyond, whereas other are mere preconceptions. Here, we will remind you of the first rule only, and it’s already a half-way to playing like a pro!

The rule is easy: stay cold-minded and have fun!

And this means that before entering the game, you must know how much money can you afford to spend for the game tonight. Record it in your mind and never exceed the limit. Remember not to borrow any money and don’t think that fortune will be by your side all the time. Spend only as much money as you can afford. Professional gamblers wholeheartedly believe that borrowed money bring bad luck.

Knowing your limits will not only make you relaxed and ensure more fun experience, but will also prevent the thoughts on possible cheating, which according to the statistical research more often comes to minds of those gamblers, who are blind with rage, when the Lady Fortune is not by their side.

How do gamblers try to cheat?

Sadly, but the amount of online players trying to hack online casinos is increasing year after year. What are fair and ecological ways to cheat the system, and which are a mere crime?

Trying to figure out mathematical algorithms

It’s not e secret that each casino or slot machine uses a lot of math behind its algorithms, which lead to winning to losing. Throwing a challenge to slot machine is not a crime, just the opposite – it’s thrilling to try to guess the algorithms a machine uses, and we encourage you to try. Mature gamers develop their own techniques and strategies to predict the result, and it really raises taste for the game. Try it!
Trying to hack
Along with this, a number of gamblers try to succeed not through their intelligence, but through attempts to hack the system. When they are out of ideas, some of them try to browse for solutions in the Internet, inevitably finding offers on special apps, which promise to hack the system. In fact, such apps bear viruses, and were developed by other scheme artists. And even when the Internet is full of such programs, it turns out to be the most stupid and the most expensive mistake a player can make. First of all, remember that online casinos are places with advanced Internet security, which is accustomed to hacker attacks, and the level of security for licensed casinos is not worse than the one of a Swiss bank. They have their own teams of programmers, who provide the highest level of security. Once some suspicious actions are noticed by the provider, it blocks any potentially harmful accounts with all the available funds. Additionally, these hacking programs are usually full of viruses, and their real purpose is in hacking your own accounts and stealing your passwords. In this manner, those who start playing unfair games may end up with empty bank accounts before even having started the game! More than that, one can surely guess that development and using these hacking programs and viruses is a serious cyber crime, and you may be ask to respond for your actions accordingly.

And in the end, remember that gambling revenues are often used for charity projects, one of the examples of which includes the renovation of the world’s most famous the Great Wall of China. So, you can say a word in history only by playing online casinos! Isn’t it encouraging?

So next time before trying to cheat, remember that gambling is only a fun experience. Enjoy it!

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