Is It Possible to Go Against an Online Casino?

Are casinos simple entertainment or possible income sources? There is not universally agreed to answer to this question. There are many who dream of making living by playing in casino games and some of them make this dream a reality. Systematic winnings in an online casino is a possible yet incredibly hard to pull off. Only a handful of players become true professionals. Many players try hard to profit in a casino and fail miserably. However, the question persists: is there a difference between these two types of players.

How to Turn a Hobby into a Job

Many casino frequenters have superstitious ideas about luck and develop whole systems of mystical signs and tokens. These superstitions are often combined with factual gambling methods and form “systems” – this is how some call such weird fusions. In the end, everything comes down to using your mental strengths. However, this does not mean that the line is a simple border between those who are smarter and those who are less smart. It is not that simple. Usually, people who earn money in casinos understood the system and learned how to win systematically.
There are two core ways of accumulating riches: legal and illegal. There are borderline illegal methods of playing against a casino. Legal methods are usually based on constant improvements of your mental skills like short term and long term memory, attention, concentration, and emotional stability. All casinos struggle against people who manage to outplay them regularly.
One of interesting guys is that one person called Mickey who wanted to use his outstanding memory and memorize patterns in card games, but failed. He decided to spend over a year to come up with a system that would allow him to outsmart casino owners.

A Computer Against a Casino

This story takes place in 80s. Personal computers were nearly inexistent back then. Even if there were such computers their sizes were way too big to be useful. Computation power was also miserable, but Mickey decided to invest in creating a special computer that was more advanced than other available models in the market. Together with his loyal friend, he started a project. A year later, he won his first two million dollars. The machine was tracking how dealers dealt cards and Mickey’s friend simply relayed the information to his companion.
Despite their hardest efforts to conceal their invention, Mickey and his friend were soon exposed and accused in fraudulent activities. However, there was no such law in place and our heroes were soon freed. A computer successfully “robbed” a casino and allowed two friends to earn a hefty sum of money.
Today, such schemes are obviously prohibited, but no one can limit one’s creativity. Casino rules always have small holes and problems that are slowly fixed. This means that an inventive brave player will always find a way to outsmart even the busiest with rules casino. It is harder and harder to find exploitable loopholes, but those who search usually end up finding them. Many experienced players study history of gambling and specific casinos to find ways to systematically win against casinos.

Modern Strategists

Any professional gambler has a system in place. The system may consist of various things including superstitions. However, these systems usually have a core idea that exploits loopholes in casino rules. Some love to take bonuses away from casino. Some enjoy using 3rd party software against casinos that forgot to ban them or did not mention usage of such software in their terms of service.
If you want to create a stable source of income out of your gambling hobby, think hard to create a reliable strategy and outsmart a casino in a fair game.

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