Learn from Movies: Cult Movies about Casinos and Gambling

The amount of truly great stories told by immensely talented film makers over the course of the history of the industry is unimaginable. Amongst brightly shining gems we can hind a bunch of movies about gambling and betting. We want to take a closer look at three classic outstanding movies that feature casinos, poker games, and a good story. Let’s talk about good movies. We are a bit bored with constant talking about online casinos and your chances to become a millionaire overnight.

Con Artists

Known all over the world under different names this is a perfect Italian comedy that stars Adriano Celentano in his prime. He was already quite a famous actor and manifested his skillful acting in several great notable movies, but Con Artists was something absolutely different. It was a game changer for him and some of people behind the camera. It was a great European classic that was wholly centered around poker, constant jokes, impeccable character building, and charming performances from the whole cast.

The crew also worked really well. For its time period, the movie demonstrated outstanding stunt work, inventive cinematography, and really nice shots that definitely obtained cult status over the course of the next decade. This was not a movie that kicked off the career of Europe’s most beloved Italian, but it definitely was a great piece of cinema that changed how millions of Europeans thought about card games and people who were wagering their lives against all odds. It is an excellent mixture of good comedy and heart touching drama.

Rain Man

Another cult movie but from a later era of cinema. Made exactly 12 years after Con Artists, this movie was one of those early works of Tom Cruz that propelled him into the star status and brought Oscars to the director, screenwriter, and Dustin Hoffman for his memorable impressive performance. It is hard to find a flaw in a movie like that one. Outstanding believable acting and great chemistry between leads was highlighted by the intensity of the plot about a mathematical genius and autist whose abilities allowed him to easily outplay the most intricate casino games.

It was a delight to see two amazing actors in their prime to work together and bring to the big screen one of the most charming and loveable couple of guys ever. Their road trip is colorful adventure with so many great little and big moments that remembering something in particular is quite hard. Let’s just say that if you like the world of gambling, this movie is a 100% must-see.

Casino Royale

When we all thought that James Bond simply cannot return back and retain his glory days, the gritty version of the franchise changed our perception of the hero completely. It was a next generation movie with a strong lead that had a commanding on-screen presence and great delivery of lines. This is definitely the best work of Daniel Craig and it is certainly the best movie in the whole franchise about this charming superspy weaved by Fleming out of thin air several decades ago.

Royale is a great adventure where Bond starts to find himself while engaging in an exciting poker battle against some of the best players in the world. The stakes are so high that losing is simply not an option and the intensity just keeps building for the whole movie until it resolves into a jaw-dropping climax and a great plot twist. If you want to know more about the thrill of casino games, you cannot ignore this masterpiece.

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