How to learn to play poker by yourself?

Any poker player reaches the level when poker is not simply a game, but when its main scope is earning money. This is the time when the question of effective self-education becomes vivid. This article is for those who feel that primary basic methods you’ve used before don’t work any longer, and new ideas don’t cross their mind any more. Read through our advices carefully, and change your poker life for better right away!

Study hands of the best players

To become best, you need to learn among the best. Each limit has a few players who are definitely better than the other players – who are more often among the leaders, those who have their own style of the game and those who act unpredictably. For example, if you have a goal to earn on tournaments worth $5, you need to check how do the best players of your limit play. Poker stars have their own moves and strategies, and most probably you won’t learn these strategies learning to play on low limit tournaments. So, the first step is to find those who are best in the chosen limit and to learn how their strategies work!

Comparison is a way to self-perfection

After having found two or three top players of your level, you need to compare your own statistics with their performance. What are you doing it for? For finding a player who is closest to you by his or her playing style. The best poker players may have different styles of leading the game, and skipping between the gaming styles on the first stages might turn out a catastrophe, when you don’t have enough experience. You may get lost in his or her gaming style, so just don’t go for those whose style is too far from yours.
Next, having found a person who is close to you by their gaming style, go for comparison of each and every index between you two to spot your weak sides. Maybe, you are too aggressive on rivers or you control all-ins too often – all these factors make up your final result. You don’t need to strive to be fully identical to your chosen player, you need just to be attentive with the moves that differ, and see how it works for you.

Record streams

When we watch videos of different poker-pros studying their hands, it always seems to be highly educative for us, however, in most cases players do it for themselves. It’s interesting to know, but professional players check their mistakes from the side and notice faults in the game or note down their own style changes after certain events or throughout game series. Analysing your own game and looking at yourself with someone else’s eyes is the only way to learn something and to work on your mistakes.

Mark any sort of special moves

Our playing style may change with time, but some mistakes are so often to be repeated in a certain gambling style that it’s hard not to notice them anymore. In order to get rid of such petty things, it is important to keep the track of the moments when you lost, when it seemed to you that you were doing everything right. Thus, having marked such special moments, it is important to come back in a month or two to recheck if you have managed to work on these mistakes. Within this period of time your gaming style will change greatly, and this time the mistakes will be a lot more evident, and you will even feel shame for not noticing them before.

Start teaching

Almost all of us have such friends who play worse than we do. Such friends complain on how unlucky they are, and your goal is to make them your students. Interestingly, but this way is ridiculously efficient, for teaching someone, you will structurize the knowledge you got from other players and from other articles in your own head. It is going to be beneficial both for you and your friend. Being a teacher also means responsibility, so your attitude towards earning through poker will change, resulting in better revenue score.

Follow these five steps on effective self-education in poker. Remember at least some of these points, and the result is soon to be expected!

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