Top 5 US states, which can start discussing the legalization of online gambling in 2017

This year the USA have made an important step towards the legalization of online gambling on the territory of its country. The first state, which adopted the following law, was New Jersey, followed by the state of Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, New York and Massachusetts. The government of these states has already discussed these question, end everything indicates that they are going to do the same in 2017.

There is a big chance that everything will go smooth, legalization laws will be accepted, and other American states will join them. What makes a state a good candidate for online gambling? Here, we should list three points:

  • Developed structure of offline gambling facilities;
  • Encouraging factors to check the law for the government;
  • Absence of serious obstacles.

Developed casino industry

Offline casino industry is a platform, which a state needs for legalization of gambling on the Internet. If the profit of such institutions starts getting decreased, the government can check the variant of improving the situation through online gambling. Besides, a desire of separate casinos to unite for the further development of the branch is needed.

Legislative reason

If you want the legislative bodies of the states to study the question of legalization of online gambling, they need to make sure that it will be profitable for the region. It is actually not hard, as parliamentarians of most of the states look for new income sources.

The absence of obstacles

Many factors can ruin the efforts of the government to legalize gambling online. For example, if a governor does not support the idea or if there is a ban for gambling in the legislation of the state.

In addition to the state, which were mentioned at the beginning of the article, we can add 5 more, which may start discussing the possibility of online gambling legalization in 2017. These are Indiana, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Besides, US is leading in the amount of the issued absurd laws regarding gambling.

  • For example, in Ohio one can be jailed for having a money betting argument in a public place, and local governors in some cities have forbidden to do it even in non public places.
  • Washington was the first state, where inline gamblers were recognized as criminals, and it was not that long back – in 2006.According to the law, those who use personal gadgets to transmit their data in the game violate the law automatically. However, no violation has been officially registered so far.
  • In many states those who lost money can sew the winner and to obtain the compensation back. Minimal threshold here is $5, and it could be done within 5 years. It may sound absurd, but the applicant will most probably win the court.
  • Another funny ban is about gambling in Globe, Arizona, where it is officially forbidden to involve native americans in the game.
  • Another interesting law acts in New Jersey, where the citizens can block an access for gambling activities for themselves from 1 to 5 years, and if they violate the law, all the funds they may win will be transferred to the state as a fine.
  • Some states even ban gambling activities at home. In Iowa the limit for the money one can lose in casinos in one day is limited to $50. In the State of Man the revenues of more than $3 are illegal.
  • And the state of New Hampshire has forbidden to pay the casino debts with selling the clothes.

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