Macau. World famous gambling city

Many people still blindly believe that the most famous city in the world gambling history is Las Vegas. It would be a mistake to think so , for this city of sins have surrendered next to Macau – a small city next to Hong Kong. Macau takes a peninsula in South Chinese sea and is a city where dozens of elite gambling houses lure the guests of the province with their paints and multithousand dollar revenues.

Macau is a young city, and it has become highly profitable almost right from the start. Historically, the city was found by the Portuguese, who built a port on the peninsula. From that time, Macau has become a lucrative trade point uniting Asian regions. Taking this story into account, no wonder that gambling industry has become so popular here – it was highly popular among the sailors and the tradesmen who used to arrive to Macao in trading purposes. Taking the history and economic attractiveness of the city into account, Chinese government allowed this region to perform gambling activities.

The only fact that communist China has find a place to such gambling site is already a phenomenon. Nonetheless, Macao is a resort city with a few dozens of legal casinos. The main flow of gamblers comes from China and from neighboring Hong Kong, and only the tenth part of the visitors are guests from other countries. It is curious to know that poker is played not everywhere – 90% of tables are designed for baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette. Slots are another popular activity in Macao.

Macao is often called Asian Vegas, and it’s clear why – all the city’s infrastructure is held on casino, expensive hotels, and tourism. Nonetheless, the history of the city left its imprint. Those who like places of cultural interest will be pleased with historical places and buildings.

Ruins of Saint Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most visited places in Macao, and is one of the greatest heritage of Christianity on the Far East. The ruins show how tightly the cultures of Portugal and China are wound together in Macao. The cathedral was built in the 17th century, and was a wonderful building with magnificent façade. The church was destroyed with the fire in the 19th century, however the front wall with its sculptures and stairs to the temple remained safe, and is a magnificent work of art reminding of the Portuguese history of the place.

Penya Hill or bishop’s hill is a place with wonderful architecture and magnificent houses. Penya Hill has many cafes, restaurants, tourist sights, and places where people can go for rest and sightseeing, for a beautiful view over the gulf opens from Penya Hill.

The Tower of Macao is a modern style building, and is the best place from where one can enjoy magnificent beauty of the city. The tower was built next to the lake Nam Vam, and its height is 338 meters. The tower was built within just three years, and now unites chains of trade centers, museums, cinemas, and luxury restaurants, but is most famous for its watch tower, where you can enjoy the best view over the city, and a special attraction for those who want to experience the burst of adrenalin in their blood by jumping with a rope from the height of several hundred meters.

And of course this city has a great number of casinos with a wonderful atmosphere, which attract thousands of tourists every day! The most popular of them are Las Vegas sands, Venetian Macau, Grand Lisboa Casino, Wynn Macau, The Sands Macau Casino, and many other!

There are hundreds of tournaments taking place in this city, such as poker tournaments of local and universal levels, and many other gambling tournaments and lotteries held by Macao casinos.

Among the other things, you should know that Macao administrative region provides opportunities of visa-free travelling for the citizens of many countries. This visa-free situation can be time-limited to one month for example. Please, check visa regulations for your country, and let your gambling experience in Macao begin!

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