Main gambling trends of 2017

A large number providers indicates that gambling sector was on peak lately, but this is the situation of the previous year.

In the past year the international sector of online gambling has grown up to 9%, which is the result of the fact that next to hundred of countries all over the world have legalized online gambling. Bets and casinos in the internet make up to 70% of revenues of internet market. Gambling is so popular for a wide range of the proposed opportunities. China, Great Britain, Australia, USA, France, Germany, and Italy are among the main countries, which bring the highest revenues on the market. Global gambling market is expected to exceed $ 60 bln. before 2020.

What to expect now? What business climate is expected in it 2017? What influence will be caused by the latest tendencies in politics?

New technologies in gambling industry

New technologies keep on having a great influence on the market. Mobile gambling will keep on growing and developing with no doubt. However, this growth, taking the speed of data transmission into account, is only possible for the best and the newest products. These changes, however, won’t be noticeable for the users. Technologies of virtual and augmented realities can also bring more surprises. It is possible that they will be used in some of the slots, making the process of gambling bright and vivid like never before.


It has become possible to pay with Bitcoins in some of the online casinos. Experts think that the popularity of Bitcoins for online gambling will rapidly increase. It will also happen for the reason that their use will help to reach more transparency, because the system documents every financial operation, each spin of roulette, and each throw of dice. It is impossible to hack, change or remove the data, and they are available for everyone. Any gambler can get to know if online casino is fair. We can say, that this is a great breakthrough in transparency of online gambling agents.

Security is a global issue

Security issues are of high importance in the current era of development of new technologies. The attacks on gambling websites are more and more often, and the attacks on online bookmaker websites are a vivid example of the bugs in security systems. Thus, the investments of gambling operators to online security in 2017 will be huge.

Growth of female population among the gamblers

The amount of gambling women is increasing year after year. The investigations show that women prefer playing in a private mode on their electronic devices, where they can feel themselves comfortable without getting comments from their partners. Females below 35 are generally more active.

This trend has initiated new online casinos for women, starting huge advertisement campaigns aimed at women.

We will tell about other interesting trends in online gambling industry in our further articles. Keep following us!

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