What are the main types of Poker and its rules?

What is most often played in a casino? Any player will answer you without hesitation – in poker! This famous card game has a huge number of varieties, many of which can now be found not only in gambling houses, but also on the Internet.

The main variations of poker, which you can find in the casino:

  • Oasis Stud Poker
  • Russian Poker
  • 6 Cards / 3 Cards Poker
  • European Poker
  • Texas HoldEm Poker
  • Omaha

Only the last two versions are adapted to play against each other (there are both cash games and tournaments), and the gambling establishment receives only a small percentage for the services provided. In all other variations, the player tries to win from the dealer. The most popular type of club poker is Texas HoldEm. Much less often, players are going to play Omaha. In any form of poker, you need to collect a combination: the stronger it is, the more payouts (for playing with the dealer). The weakest is a pair, the strongest is a royal flush. In whatever kind of poker you are not playing, if you managed to catch the “royal combination” – you will definitely be waiting for a huge prize! But still before you start the game, find out from the dealer in more detail all the nuances associated with the rules of your chosen variety.

A selection of interesting facts about poker:

  • The most popular version of club poker (Texas HoldEm) was originally played in Robstown, Texas, at the beginning of the last century. In Vegas, this game brought a group of players from Texas, among whom was the famous Doyle Brunson.
  • At the moment, about 130 varieties of poker have been invented. Among the audience, this game is the third most popular, second only to football and rally.
  • In poker, there was also a place for superstition: playing in the same room with a dog – not good, but sitting at a table in dirty clothes, on the contrary, to a fart.
  • From the standard card deck (52 cards) you can make 2.598.960 million combinations for playing poker.
  • In the late 40-ies of the last century, individual card manufacturers began to produce decks, which added a fifth suit. In different countries it was of different colors and was called differently: In America – blue Eagles, in the countries of Great Britain – blue Royals. But this idea did not take root and the release of such cards soon stopped.

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