Mistakes of Beginner Players

A thrilling taste and a possibility of earning a big sum – isn’t it a dream of all world players? Being a client of online casino, each of us dreams of playing big and getting big rewards. Being excited with the stories of success, which especially praise the newcomers, many of us register in online casinos, fail, and never come back again, without even trying to figure out the reasons for fiasco.

However, the reasons for it are simple and lie on the surface.

According to our own investigations, top reasons for fails are the following:

  1. No Reasoning behind choosing online casino

As a rule, a newcomer, who wants to try his luck in online casino, does very standard actions: either he or she picks up the very first option, or chooses online casinos with the most attractive website and design. However, our expert opinion is that these kinds of approaches are not very righteous. First of all, not all of the top casinos you find through internet search are safe. More than that, there is no direct dependence between its rating in browser and safety. Some scheme artists use special tools to help their websites pop up, and steal the data of your bank cards later.

What to do?

Right choosing criteria are ratings by the clients of these casinos. Usually these are ordinary gamblers who leave feedbacks on online casinos they try.

Another important thing is to check if casino you are going to try uses licensed software. Licensed casinos are checked and trusted, and

  1.  Indefinite choices

A big number of beginner players don’t think of finding a balance between getting pleasure and getting revenues. For example, if online casino proposes playing poker, 90% of the newcomers will try their luck, without even trying to get acquainted with the rules. At the same time, poker is a complicated and highly intellectual game, and you cannot learn playing it at a quick pace.

What to do?

We would recommend to start with blackjack – it will definitely bring you more positive emotions, and it is much easier to win with no special preparation. If you don’t like the cards, feel free to choose roulette or sloths.

  1.  Exceeded risk

Gambling is impossible with no risk, however, it is reasonable only in cases when it can bring some sensible profit. Unfortunately, a great number of loosing in internet casinos is linked with inability of gamblers to keep their thrill for the game within the limits. Having chosen some slot to play, they start raising the bets up to the highest, loosing everything after two or three rounds.

What to do?

Optimal decision in this case would be to start with the minimal stakes of 5 to 10 cents, with no risk of losing all the funds at the same time. Once you’ve felt taste for the game, and after making sure that it’s profitable, feel free to raise your bets.

  1.  Thirst for easy money

One of the most typical mistakes is a desire to win the biggest jackpot at any rate. Unfortunately, this feeling makes a gamer blind, and he or she forgets the main casino principle – it can make you rich in 5 minutes, but you can lose all your funds at the same rate. That’s why it’s better to forget of “winning easy money at any cost”.

What to do?

Chill out. Remember that it is possible to win, but never over estimate your chances. It will leave illusions behind and help you stay cold-minded.

  1.  The absence of a plan for the game.

Remember our message above, and know that once you are in a game, you may become overwhelmed with emotions at some point. Any event – win or lose – may drag you out of your state of a cold-minded gambler.

What to do?

Build a plan for the game before having started it. Experienced gamblers earn 100-200 dollars in online casinos just within one evening, but is it just a pure luck? Of course, no. That’s why, following the experience of successful colleagues and having learned basic strategies, make your own plan for the game – it is the first priority, which will lead you to the desired results.

We wish you luck!

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