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A player, who wants to watch some interesting movie, about betting, casinos, and bookmakers, feels quite lonely. Movies showing real stories, having interesting and thrilling plot, are not so many. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to create our Top 5 of the most interesting works of movie industry in this topic. These movies discover the topic of gambling and risk, human weaknesses and lust for winning. We will go from the movie with the lowest rating to the movie with the highest one:

  1. Bookmakers

This picture was filmed in the USA and Germany 15 years back, and is dedicated to a story of young inexperienced students, who organized their own bookmaker business. The movie turned out to be very thrilling and dynamic, with the main idea of risking passing through all movie.

Starring: Nick Stahl, Johnny Galecki, Lukas Haas, Rachel Lee Cook, et al.

These young stars are only famous by roles in TV series; however, experts note that Johnny Galecki coped well with a role of impulsive young man.

Plot: a group of students develops a betting system for sports bookmaking, which works well, making them incredibly rich within one month only. However, it attracts attention of mafia, which controlled the business before, and now the main characters need to find a new way to protect themselves.

  1. Two for the money

It’s a dramatic thriller released in 2005. The redline of this film is gambler’s excite playing in sweepstakes and beyond their limits, losing your human self trying to win the game.

Starring: the main actors are the top Hollywood stars – Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino. Their brilliant game won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Plot: A young football player gets injured, and can’t keep on building his football career any more. An old bookmaker proposes him his help, knowing how to use the skills of the main hero for getting a profit. Thus, an old sportsman becomes a successful prognosticator, however, it doesn’t make him happy.

  1. Lucky number Slevin

It’s one of the most thrilling movie works about gambling and bookmakers. It won incredible success because of a thrilling plot and unpredictable ending.

Starring: one of the most prominent dramatic actors Josh Harnett, accompanied by Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

Plot: the story starts at hippodrome, where a father and his son arrive and make their bets. Here the boy’s family gets murdered, and he finds himself in murderer’s arms. The story is to be continued in many years, and seems to have no relation with the past events.

  1. The Sting

It’s a relatively old movie, and the picture counts more than 40 years. However, seven Oscars and three more nomination speak themselves – this movie is worth watching.

Starring: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Charles Dering, Robert Show et al. The actors starred brilliantly in this movie, and one feels dipped in the atmosphere of America in 30s.

Plot: two professional criminals develop their new scheme, and one of them gets killed during the deal. His friend looks for revenge in a brilliant way – to work a scheme on the murderer. He gets acquainted with him, and proposes his services of a bookmaker.

  1. Snatch

It’s a brilliant comedy about life and deals of criminal leaders, filmed in 2000 by Guy Ritchie. Each of the characters in this movie strives to win a large jackpot.

Starring: Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Benicio del Toro, Steven Gram, and others. Each of the heroes is an absolutely unique character, which makes the film very vivid and funny.

Plot: the movie starts with a story of a criminal named Frankie, who gets a task to bring a stolen diamond from Great Britain to the USA. A sequence of strange events starts happening to him, involving you into a world of criminals, gangsters, wealth, and illegal casinos.

Some of these movies are based on real stories! And what about you? Is your passion for gambling as thrilling as in the movies?

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