How to play slots? Are there some special tricks?

“One-armed bandits” are very popular among players and therefore they are installed in the casino more often than other slots. By and large – this is a regular video game, where spinning drums.

Some classic slots are triggered after you pull the lever. When the scoreboard in a row falls certain symbols – you are waiting for some kind of winnings, or a bonus game. The secret of attractiveness for gaming machine players in vivid animation, loud thematic music and highlighting – passing by is very difficult, especially the rates seem to be a penny.

For the poker fans, special slots have been created that can be played in the so-called video poker. There you are waiting for the usual combinations and certain payments on them, the card will not be handed over to the dealer, but the computer installed in the machine. In recent years, many gambling houses have gradually abandoned such devices, because a skillful player can create tactics that will result in a series of victories. Also appeared electronic versions of roulette, blackjack and bones, but they are not very popular. Why? Agree, if you came to the casino, then it’s more pleasant to play these games with a real dealer than to watch the changing pictures on the machine’s display. And in terms of drive and entertainment, these “one-armed bandits” are much inferior to the standard colorful slots.

Many people like to play so-called “multi-games”. These gaming devices include several popular games. Now, the client does not necessarily move from one “one-armed bandit” to another in order to get acquainted with another exciting game, you can simply select the desired menu, a novelty in the slot.

By and large the rules, as such, is not here to choose a bid, the number of paylines and press “Start”! Everything else will be done for you. In popular gambling houses in the world, the percentage of slots is 98%. This means that a player can be happy to spend time with colorful drums without risking the biggest loser. At the same time, by the institutions, because of the huge bandwidth perfectly possible to earn on these two percentages. Trying to create a scheme that will help to beat the game machine – it’s pointless. Here you need to rely solely on Ms. luck! Although the cases of “fart” were, that’s only related they are solely with the failure of the software, and not the talents of the players.

A selection of interesting facts about slot machines:

  • The first “one-armed bandit” was born 131 years ago. Its creator is US citizen Charles Fey.
  • In Germany, there is a strange ban: a player can not lose in slot machines more than 80 euros per hour.
  • The first “one-armed bandit” named “The Liberty Bell” was abducted by thieves. They pursued the goal to take over the mechanism, then to organize the production of such machines themselves.
  • Competition among the creators of games grows exponentially every day.
  • Musician from Britain Lemmy Kimster was very fond of arranging parties in his house. To cover the cost of parties, he installed in one of the premises of the estate gaming machines. As a result, he combined the pleasant with the
  • utility without leaving home – he received a profit, which he immediately spent.

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