Which Online Casino is Best? Rating casino Germany.

  1. Pay attention to the bonuses that the casino gives. And then everything is very simple – all the bonus that you get, the casino will certainly try to get it back, which means only one thing – no matter how you like, the casino program is already set up to make you lose. Hence the conclusion – the more offered bonuses, the less chance you have to win.
  2. Pay attention to how long the site of the casino has been updated. If the latest information on it dates back to 2009, or even 2003, think about it: are you dealing with a bot whose only goal is to make you lose?
  3. Risk 5-10 dollars. This amount is often enough to understand who you are dealing with – honest Internet entrepreneurs who comply with the main law for gambling establishments in Europe and the US “casino winnings can not be more than 3-13 percent of the client’s money.” That is, find out – do you have a chance to win with the chips for $ 10. If you understand that there is no such chance, do not even think of recouping, since it will not end any good (for you).
  4. Register at the casino and carefully read the rules. If you see there at least some restriction on withdrawing money from your game account – a temporary or limit on the amount (minimum or maximum) – it will be better to stop without continuing registration; such a casino already violates your statutory right to own the money you have won or transferred to the account. So is it worth to answer the question: “will it respect your right to fair play”?
  5. And the most important rule is – never believe any advertising tricks! Whatever they write about the owners of the casino, what kind of guarantees they did not give and what fantastic jackpots they did not tell us, always remember that all this is just advertising, which does not have the slightest chance for you to win any attitude.

Never play for all the money that you have, and check the updates in our rating of online casinos in Germany.