#TypeVideo Slot
#RTP (payout percentage)95.08%
#Number of drums5
#Number of lines25
#Bonus gameYes
#Symbol WildYes
#Symbol ScatterYes
#Symbol StackedYes
#Number of coins per line1-1
#The cost of one coin0.01-100
#Automatic gameYes


Spiderman is a slot based on one of the most popular comic characters in the world. Spidey is once again ready to save the day, but he needs to be truly cautious if he wants to be victorious. He needs your help. You will try your luck and act as a wise tactician during his battles against evildoers. Visually, this game stands out with its animations and lots of references to the comic and not movies about the hero. The main antagonist of the game is the infamous Green Goblin whose face will very often pop up here and there. You will be also blessed with an opportunity to see Mary Jane and various newspapers with shocking revelations about our main hero. All in all, it is a nicely looking game with lots of breathtaking artwork.

In terms of technical structure, the game is a standard slot with 5 drums and 3 rows. The amount of possible simultaneously active lines is 25. The game also features a progressive jackpot and has a very well-done special stage. During that stage, Spiderman will be challenged by various villains in a 1 vs 1 face off. You will choose which moves he will make. Your decisions will determine the outcome of the battle and possible rewards for you. As usual, you will be able to control your risks by adjusting the bet size according to your long-term strategy.

Casino with Spiderman

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