What are state gambling laws in different US states?


Revenues from casino opened on a territory of Indiana started decreasing lately, thus the legislative bodies of the state are trying to find their ways to improve financial aspects of gambling industry. Legalization of gambling in the internet can be a perfect solution for this problem. Surely, there have been talks about it before, but a governor Mike Pence, who is a rigid supporter of a national ban for gambling online, was a serious obstacle in terms of implementing this idea. Although, this obstacle has is not valid anymore, for the reason that Mike Pence has started his work in the other structure.


This state has all three key factors listed above. Powerful competition with the neighbors has led to decrease in the rates of development of offline casino industry in the state of Connecticut. More than that, the state has no obstacles for legalizing gambling industry in the internet. Only two companies rule the casinos, which are located within Connecticut. Regardless the straight competition, they have decided to unite their power to support the industry.


Illinois is another ideal candidate for legalization of online gambling. Interestingly, it already supports legal sales of lottery tickets in the internet. In general, everything speaks for the fact that the government will soon adopt the decision on legalization of online gambling.


This state has all the factors to allow its inhabitants to gamble online, but taking its conservatism and the lack of popularity of gambling into account, it got no further development. There have been no official active discussions regarding online gambling in this state. Most probably, the government needs a powerful public push to start developing this field.

West Virginia

Industry of offline casino in this state needs offline support. In 2014 the director of national lottery John Musgrave told that he was considering the question of legalization of gambling on the internet in order to compensate the decrease of revenues from 4 casinos which already exist on the territory of West Virginia. If the competition with the neighbors will increase, the state may come back to gambling and lotteries online.

Besides, New Jersey has become the first state to legalize online gambling on its territory, and Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, New York, and Massachusetts are willing to do the same!

Many countries have enabled laws that prohibit gambling industry. They close casinos or relocate them to special areas. But the number of gamblers is still increasing. And today a lot of these people join the world of gambling even without living their home.

Online-casinos have become a real sheet anchor for those who love rattling their nerves, hitting the jackpot or even becoming financially self-sufficient. This fact can be easily explained. Unlike real casinos, virtual gaming establishments have a lot of advantages.

  • First of all, online-casinos and poker rooms are not covered by legislation prohibiting gambling. But in some countries such legal limitations can easily be bypassed.
  • Secondly, virtual casinos suggest provide a great variety of opportunities to their guests. After a simple registration on the site you can deposit your account in a way you like. You may use your bank card, electronic banking or SMS message. There are a lot of ways to claim your prize too. For example, the winning can be transferred into an electronic wallet of a client. There is no need to get around the city with huge sums of money. Everything is easy and convenient.
  • Thirdly, each gambler has an exciting opportunity to play in peace and silence. There are no stressful factors, extraneous noise or nasty neighbors while playing black-jack or roulette online. You can place your bets from the comfort of your seat.
  • Fourthly, online-casinos are available to every user. It does not matter what you do and where you live. To start playing poker or baccarat your gadget should be only connected to the Internet.
  • Fifthly, there is an intense competition among gambling websites. To attract players, they offer attractive bonus systems, bonuses for new users, fascinating events and additional draws. And it works! As a result of such competitive wars, all users get some essential benefits.
  • And finally, there is so huge variety of gambling games in the Internet. The assortment of online-casinos is not limited to several simple games. These sites are full of all possible types of poker, roulette, black-jack and many other breathtaking and amazing games for those who cannot imagine their lives without betting.

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