Time is money or how to plan your gambling day!

No matter what you prefer, poker or gambling in online casino, there is a great number of factors, which influence on your success in the game. One of the key points is choosing and planning the day for your gambling activities, the duration of your gambling session, and the periods when you take some rest, mentally and physically. Shortly, each successful gambler and poker player must be good at time management.

Why do you need to be good at planning your time?

Let’s imagine that you are an awesome football player. You keep on playing for two hours in a row, and you are the best on the football pitch, but what will happen after two or three hours? You will get too tired, you won’t be able to run that quick, and you will need some rest, for you won’t be able to perform that good any longer.

We think, that this analogy is clear, but what to do if you want to spend more time gambling?

One hour of gambling or playing poker is surely too less. Many people spend six or more hours behind the screen just gambling. But many of them are not satisfied, thinking it’s too less for getting decent revenues, and if regular poker players spend six hours a day over the game, these individuals start spending 10, 12 or even more hours just gambling.

The lack of abilities of effective time management is one of the main flops during such gambling sessions.

Let’s choose optimal timing for the game

The game must not interfere with the important things in your schedule, as well as such things must not interfere with your game. You have to think of your timing for playing poker in advance. Think of the time a game may take with all the possible procrastinations, and don’t play anything that may overlap with your game.

It’s also important to define what time of the day you are going to play. If you decided not to work anywhere, and to focus only on gambling or poker, then you have a lot of options for maneuvering. One week you can play only before lunch, the other week try gambling in the evening, and a week after try doing it in the night. Focus of your feelings. When does your brain work best? When does your body feel nice and when do you feel the most satisfied with the game? Listen to your own feelings, and plan the next gambling sessions accordingly.

If you have standard working hours, you can’t be so choosy – your only options are either to play in the evening, when you are already tired after work, or in the night, or you’ll have to risk spoiling the relationships with your friends and family, gambling in family hours. Think twice and thrice before you start the game!
But remember that weekends are the best time for various tournaments with higher revenues and higher chances to win! Do not miss the chance!

Don’t forget to have your brakes

Many gamblers notice that during long sessions their revenues first grow, and then the results drop to zero or a person even starts losing money. If it happens day after day, means you have attention span, and you need to figure out an ideal time of the game. For some it may be half an hour, for others it may be six hours, but you have to build your own rules – have a set time for a gambling session, and have a break after the time is over, no matter what. Go to the shop to get some food, have some coffee outside, or do some sports. Meanwhile your brain will have some rest, your mental activity will normalize, and you will have more power to start a new session.

If you feel that you are full of power, but the game still brings losses, try to read more articles about different strategies and advices of multiple specialists – those might be handy in this case.

You should be responsible in planning your gambling day. The success depends on how, in what mood and state of mind you are starting your game. Take breaks timely, and remember: a good time management will help you to spend your gambling time with the maximal profit.

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