Top 5 best online casinos ever 

There all sorts of great places out there to spend your money on a hefty dose of dopamine in a convenient digital package. However, some online casinos are better than others and there is nothing you can do about it. The diversity of the modern industry is exactly what makes the choice unclear. In a whole ocean of competing against each other companies, brand names, software devs, and review aggregators searching for a reliable company is no easy task. We want to make the world easier for you and present our picks for TOP5 Best companies out there. If you crave for a kick of thrill and need to satiate your passion for games of chance, do not hesitate to choose one of enterprises from our compact list.

Number #5. Marathon Bet casino

Look, we all love a good place where we can combine two types of testing our fortune. When you are getting tired of the redundancy that will always accompany repetitive online slots where you have to hit that spin button indefinitely until you either deplete your account or win an enormous sum of money, switching to a platform where you can bet on outcomes of various exciting sport and social events can be truly refreshing and interesting.
Marathon Bet offers you exactly this. Jump in the action and enjoy your regular cards and spinning wheels. If you get tired of back and forth nature of such activities, just wager a couple of bucks on that Barcelona-Real match up and make a pause to watch the game and eat your favorite snacks.
The company is quite nice and offers a variety of bonuses although the main selling point is the diversity of pleasures and a really well working website that allows you to seamlessly switch from one platform to another. A reliable business that gives you a multidimensional product is exactly what makes this industry interesting to a wide audience of users.

Number #4. Casumo casino

An undeniable part of the vanguard of the industry. This is a really great company that offers you an access to hundreds of online slots from multiple famed developers while giving you super generous bonuses and all sorts of free stuff to make your time being here as beneficial as possible. Honestly, we all loved every second spent in this great online casino where you can try out the finest creations of Thunderkick, WMS, GreenTube, and NetEnt. At the same time, the service is top notch and the technology is cutting edge.  All aspects of business are well integrated and can be used as a golden standard for the industry. It is hard to find a more accomplished and all-around great services in the market and we a proud to feature this company in our TOP5 list. Here you will find caring employees, outstanding level of banking with no setbacks and delays, and a really nice website that has aesthetically pleasing visuals, great navigation, and reliable technology. If you are looking for a satisfying experience and don’t want to worry about your money, Casumo is one of the most perfect choices out there.

Number #3. Heroes casino

Some brands are created as pinnacles of success and this company is certainly one of those extremely popular and deservingly well fairing enterprises in the market that established themselves several years ago, managed to get on top of their game, and never backed down ever since. This is a great website where you can choose from several hundreds of games produced by the likes of NYX, Microgaming, and Play’N’Go. If you want some diversity and enjoy truly amazing usability, you will undoubtedly find Heroes brand very satisfying and sufficiently well equipped for offering the best product possible.  Entertainment industry is quite diluted and finding rare gems in the sea of glass is a gigantic task. This brand is one of those diamonds that are great from every single angle. You will get your free stuff immediately. A nice 100% bonus capped at $200 and a cool pack of free spins for Starburst or any other featured application – this is a welcome package that will make you mood much lighter. As mentioned in some reviews, the only problem is that you cannot use bitcoins here and this is a huge “no” for some of the youngest internet users out there who prefer this innovative form of non-fiat money.

Number #2. Super Lenny casino

Top rated and well-oiled machine of a service – this is the most suitable way to describe this company that definitely stands out from the mass by being a polished and extremely satisfying service with multiple dimensions that make your gambling experience as diverse as possible. While the only available source of apps is Net Entertainment, the amount of fun to be had is enormous just due to the fact that this developer turned into a monstrosity over the course of the last decade and managed to deliver some of the most mobile friendly software solutions in the market. This is why Super Lenny is so well fitted for cross-platform access. Play from your favorite browser or mobile device with equal comfort. The praise should be evenly spread across several aspects of business where this brand manages to succeed spectacularly. Getting a nice small bonus of $100 bonus on your initial payment is undeniably cute and there is a massive offering of 150 spins on house that you can use in featured slot machines. There are raffles, community challenges, a complicated point system, and a store where you can dump your collected virtual points and buy a very real Harley Davidson.

Number #1. Rizk casino

With its colorful and optimistically looking mascot Rizkman leading the charge, this company surely knows how to make their brand exclusive and truly appealing to wide masses of gamblers. This is a friendly company that will give you a lot of stuff for free and open the gates to one of the biggest collection of games in the internet. The latest creations of NetEnt, WMS, and Novomatic are waiting for you as well as lots of fun in games that were developed specifically for this platform. If you like versatility and value diversity above all else, choosing this enterprise will be the first right step towards big wins.It is hard to overpraise this enterprise as it is unquestionably one of the best places to spend your hard earned cash and experience the thrills of roulette and pokers. Just get your wallet ready and prepare to enjoy the ultimate joy of testing your luck!

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