Top 5 greatest casino heists ever 

Since all regular and online casinos are full of money, there were countless attempts to steal the cash by numerous individuals and organized groups. While the vast majority of such efforts were completely futile and failed miserably, some cases were so interesting and bizarre that they were forever engraved in the history of the entertainment industry. Today, we want to give you our list of 5 great heists that were pulled off a couple of decades ago.

#5. The mysterious cashier disappearance

A famous story about a silent man who used to work at the infamous Stardust Hotel. He was a long time employee of the company and earned everyone’s respect and trust. He often showed up at corporate parties and never was late to work. Some would call him an exemplary worker with outstanding work ethics and great sense of comradery. All this praise was quite normal until 1992. The name of that cashier was Bill Brennan. We say “was” because up to this day no one knows where this mysterious guy is and how he spent over $500 thousand that he somehow carried out of the building and managed to sneak away in his car. Rumors say that he calmly collected cash and chips, walked out of the front door with a bag, and left the city in his car. The disappearance was not discovered until the morning when the guy was already gone.

#4. Ocean’s eleven 3 muse

This is not an elegant story but it in some ways inspired the creators of ocean’s 11 part 3. This is a story about three men of action who decided to use their experience and skills to steal over $150 thousand from the Bellagio hall. The plan was quite simple: two guys walked in the cashier cage with weapons and stole cash and chips while the third one was distracting people outside of the hall. The whole operation took less than 5 minutes and then robbers left hastily. Luckily, one of the robbers was caught on camera and Police identified the recidivist. The story is with a happy end for robbers anyway. While their comrade was arrested, two other guys got away clean with a nice pile of cash on their hands.

#3. Domestic abuse and robbery

This is a somewhat sad story about a woman who was working as a driver of armored trucks that were transferring real money from casino games. Once, the truck was loaded by guards just always and then the driver pushed the pedal and the car disappeared in the suburbs. Her name is Heather Tallchief and she has been recently a star on the internet after she popped up from seemingly nowhere. She and her boyfriend were hiding from police for 12 years and successfully spend a huge part of $2.5 million that they stole. Heather turned a heart wrecking story about her abusive boyfriend who made her to commit robbery and asked for protection from government after turning herself in. She is now a good inmate and her boyfriend is living a good life in Central Europe.

#2. When technology wins

Probably, one of the most interesting heist stories out there. This happened in the Ritz halls where you can find a magnificent roulette table for high rollers. Once, a group of three young men entered the room and sat themselves at the table. Several dozens of consecutively successful bets made them rich people as they walked out with $1.8 million. However, they used lasers to collect data and estimate possible places where the ball could stop significantly lowering the variance for positive outcomes. The casino owners tried to sue them, but the judge was more than happy to rule in favor of the trio and they did not have to pay back a dime. Nonetheless, they are now banned from showing up at all roulette tables in the world.

#1. Way too bold

A great idea and near perfect execution could make a group of people $32 million richer if they were less cocky and just left the hall with a lesser sum. A very complicated scheme involved multiple technicians and people who were all signaling the player to make bets based on analysis and data picked up by wondering around guys. They had a special code system and made sure that the player never failed to put himself in a winning position. Sadly, their greed was their demise as the suspicious scheme was quickly discovered and all of them received life time bans from ever playing in big casinos.

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