TOP 5 Ranking Methods We Use to Rank Online Casinos

As you all know we have a really cool “rank ladder” for all our online casinos. All of them are checked by independent testers. We make small deposits and test them regularly. If a website passes the test and demonstrates high quality service, we are recommending it to our readers and sometimes enter partnership deals with them. However, to some people the reasoning behind rankings are unclear and we want to address this.

Factor #1. Games and Software

One of the first things that you encounter as a user is a variety of games. The quantity of available entertainments is not the most important factor but we do consider it. If a website bombards its customers with an overwhelming variety of games, it is not always a good thing. Some enterprises feature lots of outdated old games. Undoubtedly, some of them are great classics that will always be green, but more advanced slots are there for a reason. People enjoy them better.

Another important part of this evaluation stage is analyzing the platform in general. The architecture of the website’s backend, the complexity of interesting technological solutions offered by the contracted provider, and many other parameters of the service are closely studied by our testers.

Factor #2. Reliability and Licenses

This is a very important part of any review that we make. Depending on how many regulators are supervising the enterprise and what kind of licenses are acquired by it, we are judging many characteristics of the firm. If a company has many affiliates and can show off multiple licenses, we will be more inclined to believe that other negative reviews are fake and that our successful attempts to withdraw funds in a timely fashion are a system and not an exclusion from a rule.

We usually don’t conduct overly complicated background checks and focus on which licenses are there and what affiliates are in the same network as the online casino in question. If everything seems good, we give it a higher rank.

Factor #3. The Level of Customer Support

The competence of support specialists and the speed with which customer requests are being addressed are two very important characteristics that define how we rank the company. Many glaring issues with this aspect of business become apparent when you compare the level to the median of the industry. Some companies are better at handling problems of their customers in an appropriate manner. Sadly, the amount of companies that fail at doing so is staggering.

All our testers create several tickets and evaluate how their inquiries are processed both before and after they make a payment. The evaluation is then factored in the ranking process.

Factor #4. Banking and Bonuses

The financial aspect of any online gambling website is the most crucial, but we start evaluating it after everything else. In many cases, you won’t even make a payment if you didn’t like how specialists and managers answer your questions and how the platform works. When you do make a deposit, banking and possible bonuses start mattering much more. We usually judge the enterprise based on studying three different aspects of the financial service:

  • The amount and variety of payment methods;
  • The speed with which incoming and outgoing transactions are handled;
  • The value of bonuses and free stuff.

Factor #5. The Overall Quality

We ask our testers to make assessments of their experiences as unbiased as possible. We then gather those mini-reviews and evaluate various aspects of an enterprise to rank a company. While each separate factor is very important, we do value informed opinions of our testers much higher. Their opinions affect the overall ranking of a brand quite heavily.

That’s How We Do It

As you see, the process of evaluating a company is quite complicated and changes depending on a multitude of factors. This is why a website with great technology and design may be ranked lower than average and vice versa.

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