Top Biggest Winners in Online Casinos Ever

Online gambling has been branded as an addictive entertainment and many people called it evil, but in reality it is just another way to let out some steam and enjoy the thrills of games of chance. The industry had never looked like something accessible to everyone several decades ago yet evolved into a completely new beast recently with the arrival of the World Wide Web that changed the face of the market forever and introduced a simple path to a gambling table for millions of people all across the globe. Multiple laws and regulations are in place to make the whole scheme as transparent as possible and gamblers frequently can estimate their long term losses and possible gains just based on the odds and payback rates provided by an online casino. While these estimates are not an absolute truth and may vary depending on a plethora of circumstances, gamblers do have waymarks to rely on. Experienced players carefully craft their strategies to avoid losses in the long run. Meanwhile, some people depend on sheer luck and manage to win thousands of dollars after making a couple of bets.
In no way we are trying to convince you that you should gamble without any scrutiny. Nonetheless, there are examples of amazing luck that do make hearts of gamblers warmer when they hear them. Let’s take our time to talk about some of the most ridiculous winnings in online casinos ever.

Top #5. The Miracle of Mega Moolah

There are many online casinos with huge selections of games but many rely on a particularly famous software provider Microgaming since this dev also makes various attractions possible. One of such promotional attractions is a cumulative progressive jackpot that can easily reach millions of dollars if there is enough population actively playing. There were countless stories about people getting big rewards and walking away with small fortunes, but some narratives are much more exciting than others and one lucky guy had a blast after hitting the spin button of the Mega Moolah online slot. After looking at his screen for a couple of minutes in disbelief, he immediately contacted the customer support in order to confirm that he became a millionaire overnight. Georgios is from Greece and he has never believed that he can win so much money. He is a big fan of games produced by Microgaming and tried them both offline and on the internet. His moment of triumph happened in 2009 when he managed to win an enormous $8.6 million jackpot.

Top #4. One for a Swede

Another notorious developer is Net Entertainment with its determination to create innovative mobile friendly apps. People love compact yet interesting and stylish games produced by this dev and their interest often pays back. One of our heroes is a woman from Sweden. She is not a frequent visitor of online casinos and has never tried super hard to win big, but her dreams came true once she decided to try out the Hall of Gods slot. A massive $8.75 million jackpot was up for grabs and she did not fail to latch on it.
The happy winner immediately started using her newly acquired riches to pay off debts for her house and purchased a trip to Thailand where she spent several weeks with her beloved family. Upon returning home she even purchased a brand new car.

Top #3. A Pinnacle of Success

In 2011, a young man from Norway made his way to the pages of the Guinness World Record book. He managed to win an unimaginable before sum of money while playing on an online casino. His massive prize equaled to $13.5 million and made him a hero of news all over the internet for a couple of days. This was the biggest single prize at the time and obviously was a big deal for people all over the world. The cumulative jackpot was so big that even owners of the casino did not believe it at first and double checked it.
The Norwegian guy spent a whole night thinking about how to manage a sudden wealth and decided to be careful. A huge influx of money on his bank account did not make him careless. He was not a huge spender before and he did not turn into one after.

Top #2. The Brits Wanted the First Place

Another huge story came from Cheshire in 2015. A guy named Jonathon H. was sitting at home enjoying a nice evening. He hit the spin button of the Mega Moolah slot and stopped in awe as the victory screen notified him that he became the luckiest jackpot hunter in the UK up to date. He could not believe that he actually latched onto a gigantic $17.2 million prize and managed to win the biggest prize in history without even using the maxbet feature. The lucky winner was more than happy to use his wealth to help with medical bills that plagued his family after his father got sick.
This story had a lot of online buzz around it until our next issue happened.

Top #1. The Real Big Deal

While there are many stories about big winnings and people whose lives changed overnight, there is a particular prize that stands out big time just due to the fact that this is the single biggest payout worldwide up to this date. In 2013, a guy from Finland placed a single 25 cent bet and won $24 million. This is an incomprehensible amount of money to win in an online casino. The lucky guy was startled and did not believe his luck. Good thing that everyone else believed!

Honorable Mentions

All these great epics surely seem amazing but we also must give credit to some people to travel to real places. Cynthia Jane from rural America bet $27 in Las Vegas and managed to get a prize worth of 1165 years of hard work (she worked as a waitress). $35 million dollars is no joke. Another story is about a 74-year old granny who latched onto a prize worth of $22 million in 2002.

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