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Casino is a place where you get a unique opportunity to try your luck and to test your 6th sense. According to the data of national polls, over 80% of population have played these types of games at least once in a lifetime.

Millions and millions of people around the world find it an exciting way to chill out and to try to win! Internet shares a great number of rumors and true stories about lucky winners. But are they trustworthy?

Here we share a few stories of people, who left their trace in history of casino games forever.

Archi Karas

Archi started gambling at the age of 19, starting with poker. He managed to become a millionaire just in several years of doing it. Having lost interest to this game, he moved to Las Vegas, where it took him a few more years to multiply his wealth. Later he decided to try his luck playing billiard, where he earned 1.1 million dollars within just 2.5 months. Next 3 weeks made Archi 6,000 dollars richer through poker again.

His success in multiple gambling activities was so inspiring, that he decided to try his luck with the most prominent gamblers. The games brought him 17,000 dollars more, after which he totally lost interest for the game. Having decided to try his luck playing dice, he won more than 1 million dollars thrice in one evening. Surely, Archi Karas had times of brilliant wins and loud miseries, however, his abilities of a gambling genius made him one of the most prominent gamblers of all times.

Stanley Fujitake

Las Vegas has memorial plate to commemorate his luck. Stanley Fujitake has won a fortune, having won in 118 rounds within just three hours. The secrets of his fortune were buried with him, but the plate reminds us that every living man can become a casino star overnight.

Carrie Parker

This Australian businessman was famous for playing with big stakes, which let him win 30 000 000 dollars one night. His passion for gambling resulted in him becoming an owner of one big casino.

Barefoot Joe

He was an ordinary homeless man, who felt that luck must be by his side, entering casino with several hundreds of dollars in his pocket. Having spent one week there, he left it with 1 500 000 dollars instead. He also managed to earn money through selling rights for filming a movie about him.

William Bergstorm

He is famous as ‘a man with a case’. Born in Taxes, where he earned a fortune selling horses, he has become a gambler when he was able to afford playing big. Bug bets – up to a million dollars often paid him back with nice coefficients.

Joseph Jaggers and his team

These guys decided to prove that casino can be attacked by brainstorming. All his team was checking the wheel of the roulette, trying to estimate its speed and the speed of the ball. Having noticed that one of the wheels had a shift, because of which certain numbers resulted more often than the other, his team earned 325 000 dollars in one night only, which led him to an eternal ban from Monte Carlo casinos.

Phil Ivey

He is considered to be the most successful tournament player, and the best gambler of the current time. He earns millions of dollars a year and has participated in World Poker Tournament the biggest number of times. However, he is a participant of a big scandal, where he and a lady accompanying him were blamed in reading cards. (Notice: this technique is possible, because the backs of the cards have slight barely noticeable differences in printed patterns).

Among the other interesting facts about gamblers…

Usually no one speaks of it loud, however, a great number of celebrities are gamblers. Half of Hollywood knows that Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Hugh Hefner, Charlie Sheen, Matthew Perry, and a great number of other celebrities like to spend their evening in luxury casinos.

Interesting facts…

  •  Famous politicians also like to try their luck! The President of Zimbabwe won a private lottery slightly more than 15 years back.
  •  Gambling in politics. Did you know that US President Richard Nixon invested the money he won playing cards in his election campaign? 

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