Top successful robberies of casinos

One of the brightest and the most complex robberies are crimes related with casino and other gaming places. Some of such robberies are definitely among the brightest and the most incredible. Here is our list of top robberies.

Extra chips

A robber, who entered Bellagio casino, was able to steal chips worth $ 1.5 bln. within just a few minutes. He had a gun in his hand, and his head was covered with a helmet. Everything went smooth for him, but the chips had built-in electronic chips, which helped to find the criminal. Security measures in casinos are now at the highest level, and only an insane person can try to do it.

They robbed a casino and escaped to Kaiman islands

One of the most impertinent robberies happened in 1993 in Vegas, where two thieves have stolen $2.5 mln. These young man and woman could not be found for long time. A woman was finally arrested in 2003, and a man is still in international retrieval. These robbers have thought of each step carefully. The man has just left the prison, where he used to be for the murder, and the woman was one of the employees of the company, which was an owner of the car, and they have stolen it. She was driving the car when the crime happened. Her pal headed to the casino to notify about the cash, and the criminals have stolen the car with the money that same moment.

Technical progress

Not all modern technologies are beneficial. Thus, criminals used the achievements of technique in 1994 in order to rob Ritz casino. They used mobile telephones, a computer, and a big laser. It’s incredible, but this easy equipment helped them to determine the speed of rotation of roulette. By using the obtained data, the criminals were able to make right stakes and to win $1.2 mln in a final count.

Winning with a secret word

This curious case happened in Desert Diamond Casino. They managed to hire a person, who had zero competence in casino business. He worked at the tables, and his task was to generate wins by means of using special code phrases. When he was disclosed, it turned out that the casinos lost around $650,000 because of him.

Expensive lunch

In 1992 Bill Brennan, who worked as a cashier in Stardust gambling club, went for lunch, having taken $500,000 out of the cash machine. Most interestingly, he wasn’t found so far.

Successful robbery

In 2008 one bookmaker office, which was located in Vegas, on the territory of Hilton entertaining center, suffered from robbery. The thieves robbed everything up to the last cent. They were not found by now, and recognizing them was impossible because of the motorbike helmets on their heads.

Toy gun

Another curious situation happened when Jason Herring robbed several casinos in Atlantic City by using a toy gun. However, his revenue was quite small, only around $ 20,000.

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