TOP7 Reasons Why You Should Not Gamble from Your Mobile Phone

The face of the modern online gambling industry is quite different from what it was just a couple of years ago when the ability to connect millions of players from all over the world just started to take a vivid palpable shape. The world changed a lot since then and we are living in the era of digital technology and super speed connections. We became so mobile that our mobile phones are only things that we deeply and truly care about.

Is it a bad thing? The vast majority of psychologists will say that it is. Some studies indicated that accessibility of social interactions and instant validation made all millennials and even their parent generation way less interested in waiting for rewards and gratification turning us into a generation of depressed people. Interestingly, there are many experts who claim that you should never use your mobile phone for things that require contemplation and responsibility. Let’s discuss reasons why you should put away your phone when the desire to test your luck is itching.

Reason #1. It is easy to get addicted.

Online casinos are flashing with advertisements of independent organizations that help those who develop an addiction. Such orgs are great and help thousands of poor souls, but you can easily avoid contacting them and experiencing all the problems of addiction by never developing one. While it sounds easier than it actually is, you can significantly reduce chances to become a slot machine junkie by simply staying away from mobile games.

Using applications is not only fun and interesting, it gives that feeling of instant reward and gratification that should be a part of a longer ritual. The shorter the timeframe between your desire to get a “kick” of dopamine, the faster you will get hooked. Make sure that you gambling sessions are controlled.

Reason #2. Games are super redundant.

This is something that will make your frustrated within hours. While many games look differently and have somewhat different playing fields (rarely so), the core gameplay is very redundant. Soon enough, redundancy turns all the fun into an unpleasant chore and you have to keep spinning more and more to get that dopamine infusion. The variety of available entertainments on mobile devices is much less impressive compared to the variety offered by websites and desktop apps. Keep things fresh.

Reason #3. Controls are unreliable.

On a small screen all control elements are clustered together and hitting the wrong button is quite easy. While many mobile device users believe that they will never make a mistake, the amount of wrongly chosen bet sizes, and spins that you didn’t want is quite depressing according to some studies that claim that up to 4% of all games played in mobile casinos are accidental.

Bad small interface is exactly why everyone doesn’t like playing action games and shooters on mobile phones. Why do you think that slot games are different? If you want reliability, go for PC.

Reason #4. You make less impulsive payments.

We often talk about money managements and controlling your desire to lose everything. Being a responsible person comes before your dreams about becoming a millionaire after winning a jackpot. Be a mindful person and avoid expenses that you don’t really need in your life. Remember that online casino is place to have fun. It shouldn’t become a graveyard for every single penny from your pocket.

When you are using your phone of tablet, all your debit/credit cards and accounts in payment systems are easily accessible. You may easily overspend just due to the fact that all your finances can be used to fuel your deposit in a glance of an eye. Don’t make those impulsive payments and keep your budget safe.

Reason #5. Connection is unreliable.

Many people are using mobile traffic meaning that you are relying on the coverage of your provider. A single connection issue may mean a lost game or a problem with finances. You don’t want to have some bugs and connectivity problems ruin your entertainment and threaten the safety of your finances. If you absolutely want to use your mobile device, do it only in places with good Wi-Fi.

Reason #6. You will use battery quickly.

Any activity that makes the processor work faster leads to spending battery. If you want to keep your phone working well for longer, don’t constantly game on it. Instead, opt for using services that have a cross-platform access and play from your laptop or stationary PC. Don’t develop a habit of playing from your trusty phone. It is for texting and calling primarily.

Reason #7. Some phones are just too slow.

Some people use outdated phones to game and wonder why they have “server issues”. In many cases, the phone itself is too slow to handle the game at an appropriate speed. So instead of using your mobile device to play slot games, just get comfy in front of your PC and start testing your luck without lags and bugs.

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