How to get in trouble with casino security

Casinos mostly disapprove any sort of your behavior, which isn’t directly linked with making a profit from you as a visitor. In other words, whatever you are and whatever you do, you are a desired guest in casinos as long as they make profit from you. Even if you play with the smallest bets, it’s still not a problem unless you keep on playing. But don’t think that all casinos are happy to see you at any time – there is always a risk to be asked out of one of them at any time. In this article we’ve collected a list of things casinos wouldn’t like if you do, and doing which, you may be asked to leave.

Keep on winning

It’s not a joke! If you keep on winning in some game all the time or too often, they may forbid you playing this particular game or even to ask you out in some cases. Casinos explain this behavior with the fact that those who keep on winning suspiciously often, may have learnt a system for counting cards (like in blackjack) or have mastered controlling the throw of dice (like in craps). However, sometimes even those who are just having their unexplainably lucky day, may be asked out with no valid reason for it.

If you win too often in slots, most probably, casino staff will be okay with this, hoping that you will spent the money you won for other games (which is very often to be true).

Keep on swearing

This sort of behavior is the leader in our list. Those who can’t control their emotions and use too heavy words to express themselves, are most frequently asked to leave casinos.

Slot walking

There is even a special term for those who try to cash chips or credits won by others, which were left in slots. After a gambler has finished his or her game, all unused coins are considered to be casino’s property. The same goes for any kind of left or forgotten money. Be sure that if someone sees you slot walking – collecting money or chips at the casino – you will be asked to walk out.

Keeping weapons

In many countries laws do not forbid having weapons when you enter a casino, but you may be really asked out if someone sees you have it, surely with an explanation that this was done for your own security.

Making photos

Yes, you will be asked to leave a casino for just making photos inside it. There are no laws, which forbid doing it, but most probably you will be asked to keep on making the pictures outside.

Bring your own alcohol

You may feel absolutely free having beer or other drinks at some casino, but not when you bought them somewhere else.

Bring your kids with you

Yes, it happens quite frequently that visitors come with their kids, and they are asked out of casinos for letting underaged in. Remember that it is forbidden to take your kids with you!

Try some schemes

This point is the most obvious. Trying some scheme will inevitably drag stuff’s attention and will lead to you leaving the casino. More than that, you will have a talk with both security services of casino and police officers, and you’ll have to explain what you have been doing and why. We advise you to never try to fool casinos, even when the trick seems awesome to you.

And what you should do?

Just have a fair game and try your luck – that’s all you have to do to become a desired client of any casino.

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