How to Use Restricted Websites?

Some websites may be blocked in your country. However, your agencies will never ban all of casinos (there’s simply to many of them and they quickly create mirrors anyway). When a website does not have mirrors and special plugins that allow you to use it, you can use client-side plugins and free VPN services.
Let’s talk about your options.

Method #1.

Use Opera browser and switch to the Turbo mode. This will allow you to access some of the casinos. This is not the most effective method, but it is certainly the safest. You do not break casino rules and use your own IP-address. Note that Opera has recently started using an in-built VPN solution.

Method #2.

Zenmate or Hola plugins. These are browser extensions that allow you to change your virtual location. You can choose any country you want to access your favorite websites. Don’t forget to contact the customer support of the casino to check whether using plugins is acceptable.

Method #3.

Use free VPN services like “Hideme”. In this case you will often use a static IP-address that could have been used to access the casino before you. Make sure to contact the customer support and ask whether you can use a public VPN service.

Method #4.

Use TOR browser. This is the most dangerous and not recommended method. TOR uses “blacklisted” IP-addresses and may carders and scammers still use it to cycle their money and often use Casinos to do so.
Any good casino will not accept an IP-address that has been blacklisted. Just imagine a situation where you made a deposit, won a considerable amount of money, and received a letter that informs you that your account is suspended since someone used your IP-address for scam activities. You will have to sort out lots of things and write a bunch of letters before you will be able to receive your winnings. The chance of getting your situations positively sorted out is 50/50.

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