Virtual reality and gambling

The arrival of VR and newly trending AR tech made the world into a completely different place with interesting prospects for all industries. Obviously, entertainment industries jumped on the hype train readily and started to explore new opportunities. While augmented and VR innovations can have a lot of possible applications, entertainment is the most apparent domain of using the tech. You can create new exciting action games with immersive gameplay or elevate the adult industry to completely new heights.
Gambling is a lightly different beast and it is all about authenticity and atmosphere. It is not a secret that even ancestors of online casinos like Caesar Palace and similar places try to design the environment in such ways that make people completely immersed in the processed. This is where VR can become a new breakthrough for the whole industry.

How gambling transforms

Live dealers that you can talk to and even enjoy their friendly grimaces seems like an echo of long forgotten era with cardinal changes in the domain. Players are now surrounded by the digitally weaved interior and enjoy a wholly new level of interactivity while staying 100% immersed into the gameplay. Some users just love the idea of diving into the charm of authentic Caesar Palace halls once again even when they are sitting at home with a weird helmet on their head.
In modern VR adapted casino games you will other interesting additions like seeing people who are playing poker and trying to keep their straight faces as straight as possible. You can observe the surroundings while the game is doing its thing. There are various side entertainments and cool small bits of the atmosphere that truly make the experience enjoyable and memorable.
VR and AR improvements make roulettes, blackjacks, pokers, and many other games much more interesting and immersive allowing both newer and veteran players to experience the full extent of a joyful fun of gambling.

The advantages of innovations

There are distinct differences between existing online betting/gambling platforms and newly introduced to the market fully VR-based playgrounds. Many staple brands decided to venture in a new world with internet opportunities promising huge profits and the market reached a jaw dropping value of $41 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach over $50 billion in the next 5 years. The growth will be supported by the presence of virtual reality.
Websites did not need fancy furniture and expensive guards yet yield great profits. However, the visual appeal of busy surroundings is impossible to replicate without something physical or at least vividly present. At the same time, many aspects of traditional gambling changed as players were unable to see faces of other players during card games matches. AR/VR tech will be able to change it.
According to some experts, the popularity of the game has been slowly reducing due to the fact that the industry could not come up with a satisfying alternative to actually sitting at the table. Many aspects of the game are non-existent in browsers and VR tech is what’s going to save the day. Recently introduced to the market Oculus Rift technology makes impossible possible.
These “glasses” teleport players to an already existing or manually created places and halls where they are sitting at the CGI table with other similar users. Emotes, gestures, weird giveaways will once again become a big part of card games and allow for educated reads on your opponents. New inventions drastically changed the way we perceive the whole industry and our expectations of it. People are going to demand new advanced tech to be implemented and some businesses will have to adapt in order to stay competitive.
One of the most dangerous prospects is that internet-based businesses with VT tech implemented will become more addictive and cause a whole wave of irresponsible gambling. However, this is something that we can prevent from happening.
Soon, you will see dramatic changes in this market and some of them will be heralded by the arrival of new AR/VR driven devices to many households.


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