What do bonus hunters do?

Many people don’t really know who bonushunters are and should they even attempt to become one in order to make money.
Bonuschasers are people who try to use bonuses from online Casinos, poker companies, and betting to win more and make consistent profit. This is possible due to the fact that one person can make a bunch of accounts and stay under the radar for a long time.

Bonuschasers are different. Some seek for those sweet non-deposit bonuses. Some try to make the biggest bank by getting that huge deposit bonus.
Obviously, when your try to get that non-deposit bonus you risk virtually nothing, only your precious time.
I will split these people in three groups: abusers, bonushunters, and newbies.
· An abuser is a fairly experienced gambler who used both his own money and casino bonuses to gamble. An abuser has a small list of casinos he is visiting daily and creates dozens of accounts trying to work with wagers. These people are the reason why casinos close specific bonuses and promotions. Abusers simply reduce the conversion rate and the casino starts losing money. Such abusers usually create problems for both regular players and the casino itself.
· A bonushunter – this man who makes living by gambling at good casinos. He spends lots of time to study bonuses, promotions, and deals. He regularly visits casino blogs and knows how to exploit some bugs and features. With a rich experience in hiding from casino admins, he will easily pass any identity check. Any bonushunter has a long list of best online casino bonuses. However, they are never caught.
They keep distance from casinos and don’t make multiple accounts knowing that they can make money from one great promotion. The best bonushunters play in Europe where the number of casinos is bigger. They know how to avoid bans and firewalls. A bonushunter does not whine or start arguing, he is a careful and effective learner.
· A newbie is a guy who makes an account, receives a bonus, loses it immediately, and starts a new one without changing his IP-address or cleaning up his cookies. Obviously, when he wins and wants to withdraw his funds, he will be banned for breaking casino rules. An even if they try to make up a story like “my neighbors played, I’m innocent”, the administration will quickly provide proof that there was indeed an incident of ghost accounting.
Here is my personal take on it: before getting your deposit or non-deposit bonus, carefully read the rules of how to use these bonuses. This will spare you time and nerves!

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