When Pigs Fly Slot Game
#TypeVideo Slot
#RTP (payout percentage)96.4%
#Number of drums5
#Number of lines3125
#Bonus gameYes
#Symbol WildYes
#Symbol ScatterYes
#Symbol StackedYes
#Number of coins per line1-10
#The cost of one coin0.01-0.2
#Automatic gameYes

When Pigs Fly Slot Game

When Pigs Fly draws its inspiration from morning cartoons shown on Nickelodeon. It is a very funny game that does not afraid to look goofy which is a good idea for a gambling device that wants players to feel good even when they are losing. A bunch of well-animated and extremely well-drawn characters as well as stylistic visuals and a load of eye-candy will make every single play session feel fresh and engaging. Curious players will discover an abundance of hidden features and bonus stages. Experienced veterans will be pleased to see some variance in gameplay and a couple of innovations in terms of mechanics. All in all, a good effort from NetEnt.

One of the freshest things about this slot is its setup that has a distinct difference from the classic setups used in the industry. While the true layout is your standard 4×5, the playing field is revealed gradually. The more you win and the more bonuses you pick up, the more spots will be active for the next spin. While it is not the most inventive of games out there, it definitely features its own share of good ideas that are implemented seamlessly. It is a great refreshing experience for veterans and a nice choice for newbies. If you are looking for something worth checking out, piggy cosmonauts are your most perfect choice.

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